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Chopard Malaysia - Luxury Defined

From the finest watch-making company in Switzerland, paired with precision German engineering, Chopard Malaysia is a mixture of two worlds, driven by creativity and passion. Since 1860, the brand has been well-known across the globe for excellent time pieces, but has recently branched out to different ventures, offering more products for individuals with a fine taste for jewellery, watches and accessories.

Origins of Chopard Malaysia

The brand’s story began in a small town in Switzerland. In 1860, Louis-Ulysse Chopard built a small workshop, creating excellent and accurate time pieces that had later become popular in neighboring regions such as in Scandinavia, Russia and Eastern Europe. For three generations, the watch-making trade of the Chopard family continued until in 1963, where Paul Andre Chopard - Louis-Ulysse’s grandson, met Karl Scheufele - the heir to well-known watch-making dynasty in Germany.

Under Scheufele, the brand flourished and had become even more popular, mixing eloquent craftsmanship from two different countries exuberating with excellence and impeccable design. For 40 years, the brand continued to expand internationally with a drive to deliver the best time pieces and accessories for anyone with an immaculate taste.

Chopard Malaysia today

Louis-Ulysse’s creations were the epitome of craftsmanship which continued to be an inspiration to current collections. For more than 150 years, the brand has provided excellent watches, accessories, and jewellery for both men and women. Today, Chopard has greatly expanded around the world, from the United States, Europe, and in Asia with excellent core values focused on independence, quality and excellence, creativity, respect, heritage and audacity. They have become more than just a luxury watch-making company, but a greatly influential entity with a strive to provide only the best.

Excellent products from Chopard Malaysia

Combining Swiss precision and German engineering, Chopard Malaysia is well-known for their excellent products. While the company first started making watches, they have also expanded to other ventures and produced high-fashion jewellery, accessories and fragrances for both men and women. Their dedication to the craft can be seen in all of their products: fine, accurate, and simply elegant.


Since 1860, the company has been well-known for making excellent time pieces for both men and women. Throughout the years, the brand has many well-known watch collections that would look neat on your closet. Accurate, elegant, timelessly gorgeous, these are some of the adjectives that would best describe Chopard watches. If you are looking for luxury watches, consider the following collections: Classic Racing, Happy Diamonds, L.U.C., Imperiale, and Classic, La Strada.


With the way Chopard creates their watches with precision and beauty, it is only a matter of time that the brand branches out to jewellery. In 1974, Chopard started creating wonderful collections ranging from necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets. They also have high-fashion Chopard jewellery with gorgeous collections such as the Green and Red Carpet, Animal World, Temptations and L’Huere Du Diamant.


Complete your Chopard experience with the best accessories that would make you look like a million dollars. Their accessories are made with the finest, modern materials with a classic design, giving you that timeless look. Handbags, small leather goods, luxury pens, and eyewear, are just some of the most well-known Chopard accessories in the market.


A more recent addition to the Chopard collection, fragrances were first introduced to the public in 2014, along with most of the accessories. Happy Spirit and Wish are fragrances for women while, Millie Miglia and Malaki are for men. Designed for both genders, Chopard perfumes completes your whole look; after all, the best fashion accessory is one that cannot be seen.

How to choose the right accessory to wear by Chopard Malaysia

Accessories are among the most important part of an outfit and it takes the right one to complete a certain look. With Chopard Malaysia, you can look your best with the finest accessories such as watches, scarves, jewellery, leather items and many more! To help you achieve and complete your look here are some quick style guides on how to choose the right accessory for your outfit by Chopard Malaysia:

  1. When it comes to accessories, less is more. Wearing all your jewellery all at once could overwhelm your whole outfit, and worst of all, you could look like a Christmas tree; this is also true with other items such as hats and belts.
  2. Choose an accessory for the day the complements your clothes color and detail. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same color, but at least it complements your whole outfit. If you’re having a hard time which colors complement each other, get a color wheel, choose a color and the section opposite is its complement. Texture should also be considered when choosing accessories, so be mindful of what you wear.
  3. Bold accessories look a lot better with understated clothes. Big belts, flashy clutch bags and big bold earrings look amazing when paired with neutral colors and minimally-designed clothes; which also applies vice versa. A Chopard Sevilla handbag would definitely be a great addition to your wardrobe, if you are aiming for bold accessories.
  4. When shopping for accessories, always find ones that would suit your personal style. If you don’t have one, then let fashion magazines help you out. You can play around, and mix and match to find the style that would suit your personality. If you are on a budget, thrift stores would be the place to go but remember to invest on classic pieces such as the Chopard Happy Diamond collection, because diamonds are forever.
  5. Pick accessories which suit best for your complexion, eye, and hair color. If you have warm-toned or darker skin, earth ang golden tones would do wonders, and for those with cooler complexion, jewel tones and silver should do the trick.

There are countless more ways to choose your accessories for your outfit, but always remember to incorporate a little bit of yourself when picking one out for the day. The whole point of accessorizing is to express yourself and show your true personality. With Chopard Malaysia’s finest products, you will never need to buy from another brand again. From watches, jewellery and other accessories, the brand will surely give you only the best; made with excellent precision, incorporated with classic designs, and made from modern materials to ensure durability. Add some sparkle to your wardrobe with Chopard’s finest pieces.