It is important to give our babies and toddlers the best care that they could get. With Chomel and their safe, natural, and chemical-free products, the health and well-being of your little ones will always be guaranteed.

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Chomel Malaysia Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Chomel from?

Chomel is a baby care brand from Malaysia. The brand strives to empower families to live a healthy and happy life that can be achieved easily with their products. Chomel was founded by a fellow mother who struggled to find products that are safe and natural for her child who had sensitive skin. She started Chomel to bring affordable chemical-free products to other parents who are experiencing the same dilemma.

Are Chomel products safe for newborns?

Chomel products contain no harsh chemicals, are hypoallergenic, and packaged in a biodegradable packaging that can break down in only 28 days. Chomel products have been granted many certifications such as the Halal certification, dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, and hypoallergenic certification.

What are the available Chomel products?

From laundry detergent to daily body lotion, Chomel offers a wide range of baby care products that are safe to use for babies and toddlers of all age ranges.

  • Chomel Baby Daily Lotion
  • Chomel Baby Fabric Softener
  • Chomel Baby Foaming Hand Wash
  • Chomel Baby Hand Sanitizer
  • Chomel Baby Head to Toe Wash
  • Chomel Baby Laundry Detergent
  • Chomel Baby Toy & Surface Cleaner
  • Chomel Baby Travel & Highchair Cleaner
  • Chomel Baby Travel Kit
  • Chomel Baby Wipes
  • Chomel Breast Pump & Bottle Cleanser
  • Chomel Hand Care Bundle
  • Chomel Laundry Care Bundle
  • Chomel Multi-Purpose Cleaning Bundle
  • Chomel Skincare Bundle
  • Chomel Travel Essential Bundle

Can I buy Chomel products online?

Yes! If you wish to shop in the comfort of your own homes, you can purchase Chomel products online through the official Chomel online store. Through the website, you can also find additional information on their blog and store locators if you wish to make a physical purchase instead. You may also make the purchase through online merchants like Shopee and Lazada.

What is the price of products from Chomel Malaysia?

Top Chomel Products



Chomel Unimart Baby Daily Lotion 500ml - Losen Bayi



Chomel Travel and High Chair Cleaner 100ml X2



Chomel Toy and Surface Cleaner 500ml



Chomel Baby Toy & Surface Cleaner 500ml



Chomel Baby Toys and Accessories Cleanser 500ml x 1



Chomel Travel & Highchair Cleaner 100ml (Natural & Eco-Friendly)



Chomel Baby Toy and Surface Cleaner 500ml (Natural & Eco-Friendly)



Chomel Baby Toy and Surface Cleaner 500ml



Chomel Travel & Highchair Cleaner 100ml



Chomel Newborn Infant Baby Kids Toddler Laundry Detergent 1 Litre (1Pc)



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