Chloe, a brand of luxury French fashion that promotes free spirits was a favorite amongst many people around the world. In addition to the choice of women wearing ready-to-wear clothes, it changed the game entirely in apparel. The professions of what would be considered today's biggest names have been initiated by Chloe as well.

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Chloe Perfume - Frequently Asked Questions

Chloé Perfume - Background of the Brand

Created by designer Gaby Aghion in 1952, Chloe is a French Fashion House. Aghion was born in Egypt and moved to Paris in 1945 and a couple of years later introduced Chloe. The mode term and the "prêt-à-porter" idea are frequently attributed to Aghion for which means ready-to-wear. Chloe opted to produce soft, wearable shapes of luxury textile to be bought 'off the shelf in the contract for the rigid, formal garments provided by couture designers of the 1950s. This was an innovative and trend-setting idea at the time and a durable theme in the fashion industry.

The first Chloe scent, the Chloe fragrance, was a lasting fragrance for women classic and was introduced in 1975. The scent was sweetened by Chloe Narcisse in the 1990s. With the introduction in 2008 of a new edition of Chloe to cater to young people of a modern kind, the brand maintained its contemporary appeal. In association with Coty, Chloe gives fragrances.

Frequently Asked Question

What does Chloe perfume smell like?

It is known as a feminine floral scent. It starts with a fruity, lush, and exotic, floral heart that lays on a sensual, women's foundation. It consists of 178 rare essences and oils.

Freedom, lightness, and femininity were the values that being developed more than 60 years ago in Paris by Chloé. The vision of Chloé today resides in ready-to-wear accessories and fragrances with romantic, effortless, trendy styling.

Which Chloe perfume smells the best?

Chloé Eau de Parfum captures most of the Chloé woman's creative, trusting individuality. It is a new and feminine aroma suitable for a free spirit with an inborn chic feeling.

The smell brings the classical rose into a vivid, personal, and sensual fragrance. Chloé Eau de Parfum starts with a mixture of powdery floral notes, such as peony, lychee, and freesia of spring. The airy flirtatious head notes float away to expose the rosier's richer and sensuous edge. This rare rose has its distinctive character followed by the valley's magnolia and lily, as well as a delicate tone of soft amber and elegant cedarwood.

Is Chloé perfume discontinued?

A few of Chloé fragrances have been discontinued such as Chloe Fleur de Narcisse. In 1993, in collaboration with Parfums de Lagerfeld Chloe Fleur de Narcisse was launched. Creates as an eau de cologne by Anne Flipo. For ladies, it is called a new fruity floral scent. That was discontinued in 1994. But a few of Chloé fragrances were being reformulated such as The Chloe fragrances was re-formularized in 2008 and released in non-floral bottles as both Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette.