The one thing that many fashionistas would go crazy for is iconic handbag. Over the years, trends keep on changing, but thing is certain, Chloé’s bags are becoming increasingly popular in the fashion world. Click here to learn more about Chloé’s bags.

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Stylish Bags for all Occasions from Chloé Malaysia

Chloé Malaysia’s Bags - From Street Style to Glamorous Dinners

The life of one of the biggest fashion houses from France begin in year 1952. Chloé was founded by Gaby Aghion, who had the idea of offering luxurious Ready-To-Wear clothing, a new concept at that time. Her idea took off and soon other fashion houses begin to follow in her wake. Other than clothing, Chloé has since expanded its product line to include other products like bags, fragrances, jewellery and shoes. While the brand started out catering only to women, it has since gone on to create children’s wear as well. Chloé’s overall style for women could be described as chic and modern, the perfect style for busy, stylish women of today’s world.

Sophisticated yet Simple Bags from Chloé Malaysia

Among the various stunning fashion products that Chloé has to offer to the world, its bags are highly sought after by celebrities and fashionistas alike. Each design is highly functional and has a unique, sophisticated design that sets itself apart from other bags, making it easy for you to tell that it is a Chloé bag.

Here is a short list of Chloé bags that have become It Bags:

Chloé Paddington Bags
These bags came out in year 2005 and have since remained one of the most iconic bags of all time. The satchel design of the bag comes with a huge lock, giving it a modern look. You may think that the lock is only there for style, but in fact the lock has a functional use as well.
Chloé Marcie Bags
The Chloé Marcie bags were inspired by the fashion trends of the 70s. The horseshoe-shaped design on its front flap is what sets it apart from other bags during the time of its release. It is a bag that gives the bohemian style a sophisticated, sleek and cool look, making it the perfect bag to use every day.
Chloé Paraty Bags
Another bag that has a Bohemian look. Instead of the horseshoe design, the Chloé Paraty bag has a distinctive shape and leather-covered triangle detail. This bag has a more urban feel to it compared to the Chloé Marcie bag. It comes in various sizes; the largest size is big enough to be used as an overnight bag.

    Chloé Malaysia’s Bags that Speaks to Your Unique Style

    If you are looking to keep up with the style of Hollywood actresses, then we highly recommend that you invest in a Chloé bag as these bags are not only luxurious and sophisticated, but also uniquely stylish to set themselves apart. From Chloé Backpacks to Chloé Handbags, you will be able to find all you need and more to keep up with the worldwide trends.