Before the huge widespread of designer clothes and accessories like handbags and fragrances among the fashion lovers, post war women who were ever obsessed with the extravagant style of these garments didn’t really have much chance to own a piece of their favourite. Not until ready-to-wear fashion was introduced did haute couture become more obtainable, and one of the industry’s avant-gardes was none other than Gaby Aghion, the woman behind Chloé.

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Chloé Malaysia – A fashion brand of timeless designs

The 50s was always reminisced as the blooming era of numerous French talented designers with their name sake Fashion Houses that were seen in every corner of the world’s fashion capitals. However, it was a male dominant kingdom as women loved how they infused an exquisite touch of romance and classy look into womenswear. The world soon witnessed a huge wave of female designers taking over the industry with their true feminism. And following the legendary names like Jeanne Lanvin and later on, Coco Chanel, France was once again known to be home to another century-old tree of the fashion world, Gaby Aghion.

Chloé – How did it all begin?

The designer founded Chloé in the year 1952. Instead of giving the empire her own name sake like most other iconic labels, Gaby named her brand Chloé after a close friend, Chloé Huysmans. After joining forces with Jacques Lenoir, she made the first steps into the Fashion world by introducing Chloé’s youthful, feminine and better yet, wearable garments.

She wanted to bring beauty out of the simplest things, starting with enlighten her friends by dressing them up with her own designs. With a different approach in fashion, which influenced her aestheticism ever since, Chloé was soon a favourite brand of Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot, and Jackie O, just to name a few.

Chloé made the best resemble of Parisian’s impeccable fashion sense with its simplicity and versatility. The essence of Chloé was best grasped through the collection of 6 cotton poplin dresses. At the same time, the Fashion brand played the major role in moulding the first concept of luxury ready-to-wear clothing, replacing the countless fittings of the traditional custom made designer items.

Chloé’s iconic designs are all about the classic chic, with monochrome blouses and immaculate cigarette silhouettes that have been worn by women of all eras. The designer found the inspiration from the influential female designers as well as Chloé alumni, Philo and McCartney. Hence, Chloé Malaysia is crowned as the brand for Women, designed by Women.

Besides helping the ladies to feel more confident in Chloé timeless designs, Gaby Aghion was also the mentor who guided young talents to build their career in the fashion industry, including the current mogul Karl Lagerfeld and Martine Sitbon.

Chloé perfumes

Not does Chloé empower women through its feminine clothing but also infuses in them a sense of seduction. A person cannot simply ignore the charm of Chloé, especially the timeless scent of Chloé’s eponymous fragrance that was first introduced in 1975. The allurement of Chloé can be an everlasting attractiveness of a woman wherever she goes.

Some of the most adored Chloé fragrances include:

  • Chloé for women
  • Chloé collection 2015
  • Chloé Eau de Parfum
  • Chloé Eau de Parfum Intense
  • Chloé Eau de Toilette
  • Chloé Innocence
  • Chloé Lisy
  • Chloé Narcisse
  • Chloé Rose Edition
  • Eau de Fleurs Capucine
  • Love Eau Intense
  • See by Chloé
  • See by Chloé Eau Fraiche
  • See by Chloé Si Belle

Among the best creations of Chloé Perfumes are the collections of See by Chloé. The fragrance brings to wearers the perfect harmony of addiction, floral and fruity scent that ensembles an independent, vibrant and joyful portrait of a young woman. This wonderful infusion is a mixture of bergamot and apple, Yasmin and ylang ylang and top with a sexy veil of vanilla and dreamy musk.

Chloé Malaysia sunglasses

When it comes to making a style statement, one must not go without a compliment of a suitable pair of shades of Chloé designer house. Be it a feminine look, classic chic or modern touch, Chloé’s collection of luxury sunglasses will bring out anyone’s best features.

The eyewear pieces from Chloé still stay close to its core designing nature, simple and elegant while still enhances each and everyone’s individualism perfectly. It is not only the shapes that make Chloé sunglasses a must-have for everyone’s closest but also the superior material as well as fine craftsmanship.

Some of the most iconic Chloé Sunglasses models include: the classic Aviator, sharp-witted Cat-eye and stylish Square shape.

Chloé Childrenswear

Once upon a time, there was a little girl dreaming to become a princess. And the fairy godmother who could turn her into the most charming beauty was Chloé. Inspired by Chloé Maison’s collection, every girl can get to feel the same impeccable touch of elegance as well as ultimate comfort for a day out with her mom.

Every piece of Chloé childrenswear is carefully designed as for adults. The mini wardrobe of contemporary style and vibrant fabrics can help to boost the inner creativity of the children at early stage in life.