Cheongsams, also known as ‘qipao’ in Mandarin, is a traditional and feminine body-hugging dress with distinctive Chinese features of Machu origin. The qipao originated in Shanghai and it was popularized by Chinese socialites and upper-class women in the 1920s and 1930s.

Although the cheongsam’s shape and features are simple, the dress’s shell fabric, collar, sleeve, hem, piping and binding, buttons and other small details offer infinite possibilities for creativity. In fact, you can find cheongsams in Malaysia that range from classic, traditional ones to modern designs that might appeal more to younger audiences.

Tips for Picking Out the Right Cheongsam for You

Elegant, sexy and timeless. Cheongsam’s figure-hugging silhouette designed to show off every curve, we totally understand why the dress that used to only be worn for more formal occasions like weddings or the lunar new year has made its way into everyday looks-even to the office.

1. Pick a collar height that flatters your neck

If you feel like you have a shorter neck, pick a design with a lower collar as it will create an illusion of a longer neck. The traditional collar tends to be higher and tight fitting, but these days, you can easily find designs that feature a shorter collar with added ‘V” open front for extra comfort.

2. Think about your slit placement

There are a few ways to place a slit to your cheongsam. A simple back slit is usually very popular amongst the more mature audience, while double slits on either side makes for a sexier look. This is because the front and back panels of the dress can be tapered to create the illusion of fuller hips and an hourglass figure.

3. When it comes to fabric, pick one that will keep you comfortable

Natural fibres are best for breathability in our climate. You’ll want to look toward fabrics which hang well on their own and do not require heavy lining as these tend to trap heat.

4. Hand wash or dry clean your cheongsam

Washing your cheongsam by hand is always the gentlest choice for any fabric, or send your cheongsam to a professional cleaner after wearing!