Hunting for funky shoes that bring out the fun and adventurous sides of you? Look no further as Chiara Ferragni offers you a wide range of playful and stylish shoes for a walk to remember. Click here to find out more.

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Fun, Funky and Stylish Chiara Ferragni Shoes

“A woman carries her clothes, but it’s a shoe that carries a woman.” – Christina Louboutin

It is true indeed as a pair of shoes can define a woman’s style and personality. No matter how well you are dressed, it is not possible to look perfect without the perfect shoes. However here is where you might go wrong; wearing shoes that are mundane. Picking out the most comfortable shoes is important but never opt for shoes that are ordinary looking, after all life is too short to fill your closet with boring shoes. With Chiara Ferragni, your life is never the same anymore. A wise man once told a good pair of shoes can bring you to great places and that is what Chiara Ferragni does.

Chiara Ferragni Malaysia: Road to Success

Chiara Ferragni was established by the famous style icon, Chiara Ferragni in 2013. It is a brand that designs fashionable shoes with a touch of pop style. With more than 300 stores around the globe, and the latest addition of pop-up stores, Chiara Ferragni is definitely leading the shoe market today. In addition to that, Choara Ferragni is an established and widely trusted brand among the loyal customers in many countries including Breeze Center in Taiwan, Selfridges in London Le Bon Marché in Paris, Level Shoe District in Dubai and Apropos in Cologne.

3 Reasons That Make Chiara Ferragni The Best

Great things are born from great ideas and inspiration. So does Chiara Ferragni. This brand is inspired by amazing things in life such as travelling and music. Besides that, pop culture and art also play a huge role in designing the shoes. With all these elements combined, Chiara Ferragni comes up with playful and stylish collection.

Chiara Ferragni is a brand that strives to give the customers the best designs. With that mission in mind, only talented and highly experienced designers are recruited to design the shoes. Patrizio Vita, Gilda Ambrosio and Chiara Capitani who work under the wings of Chiara herself are the brain behind Chiara Ferragni.

Chiara Ferragni places great importance in creating high quality shoes. The shoes produced by this brand are all the way from Italy and made out of genuine leathers and handcrafted designs. Moreover, Chiara Ferragni ensures that the end products are completely flawless before being distributed to the world.

#HEROESTOTHERESCUE with Chiara Ferragni Malaysia

#HEROESTOTHERESCUE campaign is the latest Spring/Summer 2016 Chiara Ferragni Collection that represents the strength and courage of women. Taking inspiration from women as superheroes, this collection was an instant success.

When asked about the reason behind #HEROESTOTHERESCUE, Creative Director, Chiara Ferragni, said, “We can draw inspiration from each other, aim high, give our best and free our emotions. Women, we are all little superheroes.”

This advertisement campaign was a collaboration of Ben Rayner, a renowned photographer with Chiara Ferragni and Mariaelena Morelli as the campaign’s art directors. Lili Sumner was chosen to grace the fashion spread of this collection. Being the face of #HEROESTOTHERESCUE has definitely added a feather in the cap of the New Zealand born model. The combination of Lili Sumner’s timeless beauty and this campaign of stylish and playful handcrafted Italian shoes is a perfect blend.

Glam and Glitter with Chiara Ferragni Malaysia

Chiara Ferragni shoes bring out the best in you. With Chiara Ferragni’s interesting designs and playful colours, life is just a burst of good vibes. Bright colours are the latest trend that going wild. Keep your mood bright and sunny with colours such as navy blue or yellow to infuse some spark and energy into your outfit.

You can also rock your summer look with Chiara Ferragni’s Flirting Collection. Enjoy walking through the palm trees and summer breeze with your flirting feet. One great thing about summer (besides the beaches of course) is all the latest maxi dresses, floral skirts and denim shorts to show off your toned legs. This is the perfect chance to pair up your outfit with fun slippers and espadrilles.

Spring time is also a favourite season of Chiara Ferragni’s label. With beautiful and colourful flowers blooming all around you, enjoy the sweet scent and beautiful scenery with comfortable yet stylish shoes. Now you can host your own backyard party with colourful, bright and daring shoes.

Fashion has always been about getting excited and enjoying every single moment in life. Besides fantabulous shoe collections, Chiara Ferragni also offers backpack, phone case cover and tops that will surely glam up your life. Check out the Chiara Ferragni must-have items:

Glitter Flirting
Paillettes Flirting
Pierced Flirting
Flirting Long T-Shirt
Flirting Backpack
Flirting Booties
Flirting Slipons
Superhero Pumps
Superhero Slippers
Vroom Espadrilles
Flirting Espadrilles
Pow Bang
Flame Sandals

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    We all know that happiness can never be bought, however Chiara Ferragni is something that everyone can enjoy. If that isn’t happiness, that what is? You may also check out other great brands such asSalvatore Ferragamo, Lacoste, Nose and many more!