CHI is an American brand of haircare products most famously known to be responsible for the immaculate hairstyles of the Miss Universe pageant. Read more about CHI Malaysia here.

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Transform Your Hair with CHI Malaysia

Have you ever heard of CHI hair care products? If your answer is no, you might want to think again because CHI has provided excellent haircare products to plenty of celebrity. CHI hair care products and styling tools are developed by Farouk Systems, a company specialising in spa and hair care products based in the warm south of Houston, Texas. Farouk Systems itself is founded by Palestinian Farouk Shami, who has appeared on America’s The Celebrity Apprentice and has famously helped sponsor the Miss Universe beauty pageants.

The Science Behind CHI

CHI uses a scientific approach to ensure that hair is rid of all coarseness and frizziness, and transformed into enviable silky tresses. Standing for Cationic Hydration Interlink, the CHI transformation system uses moisture-retaining ceramic, negative ions, and natural silk to guarantee the visible improvement of hair quality. Farouk Systems only uses organic silk in CHI haircare products which give the hair extra protection against heat, cold, and humidity while the presence of negative ions locks the moisture within the hair’s cuticle layer. Consequently, using CHI products would not only result in healthier-looking hair but also improved hair structure. In other words, CHI hair products transform hair from the inside out.

Getting Hair Worthy of a Pageant Queen

For the longest time, Farouk Systems has sponsored the haircare products for the Miss Universe pageants and every year, hairstylists teased out perfect hair on all contestants and judges with CHI haircare. In 2017, CHI released a new range of products tailored for the pageant itself called the Style Illuminate. The range incorporates moringa and macadamia oil to infuse the hair with vitamins and antioxidants, strengthening the cuticle layer and avoiding breakage, which is important when the Miss Universe contestants have to wear many different elaborate hairstyles in one day. The Style Illuminate products also help prevent product buildup in the hair; a persistent problem with drugstore shampoo and conditioners. If you liked the look of the Miss Universe pageant hairstyles this year, definitely check out Style Illuminate by CHI.

CHI Malaysia - An Extremely Credible Source of Excellent Hair

CHI has an expansive and exhaustive range of products that will take care of all your hair care needs.

CHI Haircare

CHI has different lines of products depending on hair types, as well as varying scalp conditions. These lines include

Farouk Royal Treatment - contains premium ingredients in its products such as white truffle and pearl in order to pamper your hair and give it all the nourishment it needs.

Magnified Volume - carries CHI shampoos for damaged, fine hair

CHI Argan Oil - consists of a unique blend of exotic oils that will rejuvenate tired and damaged hair, infusing it with essential vitamins, antioxidants and proteins.

CHI Thermal Styling - has everything you need to protect your hair from heat frizz

CHI Enviro - has CHI conditioners and serums to provide maximum moisture to soothe chemically damaged and frizzy hair.

CHI Tea Tree Oil - is for those with sensitive and/or itchy scalps.

Regardless of the condition of your hair and scalp, CHI has a line for you.

CHI Hair Styling Tools

The range of styling tools produced by CHI range from the basic styling brush to the CHI Turbo Digital Curling Iron and the CHI G2 Flat Iron favoured by professional hairstylists. The tool that attracts the most five-star praises, however, is the CHI Professional Blow Dryer, which utilises CHI’s trademark ceramic coil technology to produce moist heat. Instead of boiling down the water molecules and damaging the hair like conventional hairdryers, the CHI blow dryer emits negative ions which break down the water molecules into micro-fine particles instead. In doing so, it retains moisture in the hair and encourages a more vibrant shine. To add to that, it also dries hair more quickly.

CHI Chromashine

CHI Chromashine is a special formula conceived for the vibrant-haired among us. The new hair trend is in and it is bright pastel shades or head-turning multi-coloured rainbow locks. CHI Chromashine combines CHI’s Ceramic Technology, Silk Protein, and aloe with vivid dyes to ensure that hair looks lively and healthy even in a bright colour. Customer testing has proven that CHI Chromashine helps retain colour up to 80% even after thirty shampoo washes. Experiment this year with revolutionary colours from CHI Chromashine like pastel mint, teal, or pastel yellow and turn a few heads.

Making Your Hair Great Again with CHI Malaysia

Aside from the lovely contestants of the Miss USA pageants, CHI can count amongst its famous customers the President of the United States, Donald Trump, who uses the Helmet Head hairspray from the CHI Thermal Styling line. It is a humidity-resistant and fast-drying formula that perfects his signature bouffant. So if you ever have been envious of Mr Trump’s head of golden hair, you can now try the style for yourself with CHI hair products.