American automobile manufacturer, Chevrolet, offers a wide range of vehicles, from commercial models to medium-duty trucks. If you are in the market for one, there are some important things to keep in mind to find the car that will exactly match your needs.


8 Essential Car-Buying Tips with Chevrolet Malaysia

To find the car that will exactly match your needs, it requires a little research and planning. Once you know the right things, you can then decide what kind of car you want. Here are some tips that will help you save money, find the best deals, and reduce the amount of hassle involved with buying a car.

Do Your Research

Before you decide to buy a car in Malaysia, the most important thing to do first is research. Arriving at a car lot without doing any research about the car you want might lead to dissatisfaction after choosing the wrong car. Also, it’s important to find the “invoice” price of the car, not the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). The “invoice price” is the original price that the dealer paid the car manufacturer. Once you figured that out, the information will come in handy once you start making price negotiations with the dealer.

Meanwhile, if you are in the market for a used car, make sure to research the recent retail prices for the car model you’re interested in. This information will give you the upper hand when bargaining for car deals. On the other hand, if you decide to trade in your car, do research on market values for your vehicle. Knowing this data can be a great bargaining tool.

Do Good in Negotiations

Buying a car is like a buying a house since a car is an essential investment you will make in life. When making negotiations, do everything you can to negotiate the car loan and lower the price down. Begin with a ridiculously low price and offer increasing values. If the salesperson doesn’t offer you a good deal, it’s alright to walk away, at least you practiced your negotiation strategies and tactics.

Check Both New and Used Cars

Buying a used car was the ideal way to save money back in the day. But now, more people make the most out of their cars and use them for longer periods of time before looking for a replacement. As a result, prices for second-hand cars have increased significantly, making brand-new cars a more practical option. If you are in the market for a brand-new car, Chevrolet Malaysia has an impressive range of high-performance vehicles that are renowned all across the globe. All in all, before buying a car, whether it's brand-new or not, consider the price and other factors before making a decision.

Buy Depending on Purchase Price

Many car dealers in Malaysia offer attractive monthly payments to potential buyers. But do not be misled by that. If the payment is attached to a 72-month loan, then it’s really not a good deal at all. Do not negotiate based on the monthly payment, instead, make a deal depending on the car's purchase price. You need to know the car's exact purchase price because there could be some hidden costs or extra fees that are included in the price such as taxes, fees for car preparation and delivery, and costs for dealership that you won’t know about unless you ask.

Use the Internet

Today, more and more people choose to buy a car online, as they can save time and trouble dealing with annoying car salesmen. Also, it's much easier to find a much better price. Moreover, buying a car online is much more convenient than driving to multiple places to visit dealerships. Not to mention, many large dealerships put up their vehicles for sale online. If you choose to buy a car online, you’ll still want to do some test driving and having it checked by a mechanic to ensure there are no issues.

Consider Insurance Costs

Make sure to consider the fees for insurance premiums into the car's purchase price. The fees associated with ensuring a car are a key factor in the vehicle's overall cost. Fortunately, you can find some insurance premium quotes online by entering important information such as the car’s model and build, as well as your personal information. In addition, sports cars like those from Chevrolet Malaysia tend to have higher premiums than regular cars, but some have higher insurance rates for other factors as well.

Prevent Impulse Buying

You can prevent impulse buying by doing a thorough research on the particular model you're interested in. Bear in mind that buying a car on a whim is risky; you might be disappointed once you realize that you can't afford the vehicle or you find the features of the car unimpressive or just doesn’t meet your expectations. By doing an extensive research on the build, model, style, and insurance rates and financing, most likely you'll be able to put yourself in a car that matches your needs and you can enjoy for many years to come.

Skip Add-ons

Getting a new car is a major expense since you will be paying it off for many months or years. If you decide to install some add-ons in your car, the costs for the accessories may increase significantly, so it's better to keep them to a minimum. You don’t really need to install expensive seats or built-in GPS systems, as there are affordable units you can find online. Aside from cars, check out other Chevrolet Malaysia products such as clothing.