For women, finding the right accessories to complete your outfit can be overwhelming, particularly if you are required to dress for the occasion. Thankfully, Charles & Keith Malaysia is here to the rescue as they are well-known for their stylishly sophisticated fashion products that are very versatile.

Is Charles and Keith a luxury brand? | Where is Charles and Keith from? | Is Charles and Keith real leather?


Accessorize to the nines with Charles and Keith Malaysia

CHARLES & KEITH Malaysia has since expanded beyond the borders with stores located all over the globe. The brand is known to encompass a distinct contemporary and modern style. The brand has never failed to deliver an extensive range of designs and styles. Here are ways you can spice up your style with CHARLES & KEITH Malaysia.

While the brand first started out with shoes, it has moved on to expand its product line to include accessories as well as Charles & Keith Bags, wallets, cardholders and more. CHARLES & KEITH's style could be described as elegant, sophisticated and poise, a style that is easy to remember and easy to match with other fashion products.


If your go-to style is skirts, you can simply dress them up or down with heels and flats. Thankfully, CHARLES & KEITH Malaysia has an array of shoes such as ballet flats, sandals, loafers, espadrilles, and many more. Whether you love shoes like pumps or heels, you can surely find your ideal heel height. If you opt for a more casual look, it can be paired with flat sandals, flat slingbacks or ballet flats. For a more dressed-up look, you can choose a wedge, slingback or even a pair of colourful pumps or shoes.


The most important aspect of choosing the right bag for your outfit is the size of your body type. From tote bags to clutches, CHARLES & KEITH Malaysia has women bags in different shapes and sizes. Bags should always look proportionate to the person wearing them. Individuals who are petite should consider a small to medium clutch, while taller individuals can opt for larger size bags. Also, you can opt for a versatile bag so that you can pair it with all kinds of outfit. On the other hand, do select a neutral colour so that it can match a wide range of outfits, while the classic black clutch can go with everything.


For women, the trick is always to wear one statement piece on the upper body. So, you can either opt for accessories like a large necklace or large earrings. It is advisable not to wear both as they will compete with each other. Also, there is proximity and proportion to take into consideration. Avoid wearing accessories too close to each other as it will cause visual clutter. A statement piece would be such as CHARLES & KEITH's chain tassel necklace that comes in silver and gold. You should also wear jewellery of the same colour tone. If you wear more than one piece of jewellery, it is better if it’s all in the same colour tone.

FAQs on Charles & Keith Malaysia

Is Charles and Keith a luxury brand?

When compared to bigger luxury brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Coach, CHARLES & KEITH is not considered a luxury brand. Their prices are affordable and their items are accessible to most people in the country and the region. Nevertheless, the quality of the products from this brand is up to par with the luxury brands mentioned above. While they do not hold high resale value or a shelf-life as long as luxury products, Charles and Keith's items are worth every penny.

Where is Charles and Keith from?

CHARLES & KEITH a Singaporean fast- fashion footwear and accessories retailer founded in 1996 by Charles Wong and Keith Wong. Based in Singapore, its trend-focused designs are available in the Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and the United States of America.

Is Charles and Keith real leather?

According to CHARLES & KEITH websites, their products are made up of three kinds of leather are Faux leather, Genuine leather and Nubuck leather. Although the majority of their products are still vegan leather, do check the product details on the 'material' field to verify before making the purchase.