Chanel is a brand that always exudes class and sophistication. Its products never disappoint and the same thing goes for the brand’s face makeup collection. The article down here lists down all the different types of Chanel face makeup and the variety of tools you can use to apply the face makeup properly.


Tools to Apply Your Chanel Face Makeup in Malaysia

Chanel cosmetics are as luxurious as the rest of Chanel’s products. They have a range of high-quality makeup products from face makeup to eye makeup. To apply any of Chanel makeup products properly and to avoid wasting the precious, luxurious face makeup, you would need the tools below.

Foundation Brush

One of the basic tools for applying face makeup is the foundation brush. This brush is suitable for applying liquid or cream-based Chanel face makeup. The typical foundation brush has a flat shape and the bristles are packed closer together. You can even apply primer or blend out concealer with the foundation brush. Chanel has their own foundation brush like the Pinceau Fon De Teint Foundation Brush #6.

Stippling Brush

The stippling brush is quite similar to the foundation brush in the sense that the bristles are packed closely together. However, the stippling brush has a flatter surface on the top and they can sometimes be angled. The stippling brush is great for buffing and blending out liquid makeup thoroughly. Use this type of brush if you want to avoid streaks on your face makeup. Chanel’s own stippling brush is the Pinceau Fond De Teint Estompe Blending Foundation Brush #7 or the Pinceau Teint 2 En 1 Fluide Et Poudre 2-in-1 Foundation Brush Fluid and Powder #8.

Beauty Blender or Sponge

Perhaps one of the most versatile tools when it comes to makeup, the Beauty Blender or sponge can be used to apply, buff, blend, and more. To use this type of sponge, you need to first apply the foundation with a brush of your hand. Then, you can proceed to buff and blend the foundation. Applying your Chanel loose powder can also be made easy with a damp Beauty Blender or sponge.

Different Types of Chanel Face Makeup

The following are the different forms of Chanel face makeup and some of the best-selling products from the respective categories.

  • Liquid Foundation – Le Teint Ultra Tenue Ultrawear Flawless Foundation, Les Beiger Healthy Glow Foundation SPF 25, Vitalumière Aqua Ultra-Light Skin Perfecting Makeup SPF 15, Lift Lumière Firming and Smoothing Sunscreen Fluid Makeup SPF 15.
  • Compact and Cream Foundation – Sublimage Le Teint Ultimate Radiance Generating Cream Foundation, Le Teint Ultra Tenue Ultrawear Flawless Compact Foundation SPF 15, Les Beiges Gel Touch Healthy Glow Tint SPF 15
  • Concealer – Correcteur Perfection Long Lasting Concealer, Éclat Lumière Highlighter Face Pen, Lift Lumière Smoothing and Rejuvenating Eye Contour Concealer
  • Powder – Poudre Universelle Compacte Natural Finish Pressed Powder, Poudre Universelle Libre Natural Finish Loose Powder, Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour SPF 15, Plissé Lumière De Chanel Illuminating Powder, Papier Matifant De Chanel
  • Blush – Joues Contraste Powder Blush, Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Stick, Infiniment Chanel Highlighting Powder, Les Tissages De Chanel Blush Duo Tweed Effect