Are you sick of chemical and paraben filled skincare products that are extremely harmful to skin? Then turn to Cetaphil, the brand that is created by a dermatologist himself. Show your sensitive skin some tender loving care with Cetaphil.


Cetaphil Malaysia, clinically proven, highly recommended by Dermatologist everywhere

Cetaphil Malaysia: Experience the gentle power for yourself

Sensitive skin is one of the most common problems among many individuals these days. Since skin is the largest organ in our body, taking full care of it is of the utmost priority. But with the amount of chemicals and parabens found in beauty products, cosmetics and skincare, trusting your skin to one of these harmful products is an absolute no no.

So what makes Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser so special?

  • A brand that is highly recommended by dermatologists, paediatricians, and other healthcare professionals
  • Fragrance free, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for all types of skin – dry, sensitive, disease compromised skin
  • One product that can be used both on the face and the body
  • Cleanses the skin without causing irritation
  • Moisturizers, soothes, nourishes, protects and hydrates the skin

This brand was originally called “Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion” and the very first product was announced to the world, created by a pharmacist in 1947 for dermatology needs. But when it was first introduced, the lotion was only for selected pharmacists. As more and more people saw the magical effect of the cleansing lotion, the demand grew and by the 1980s, most major retailers all across North America had it on their racks.

Today, even after more than 60 years later, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser still uses the original formula that was developed in 1947. This brand continues to remain a high demand, with one bottle sold every minute all around the world, proving to everyone the popularity of their Gentle Power.

Cetaphil Malaysia: Things you never knew

If you don’t have one in your bathroom, you would personally know someone who owns a bottle of Cethaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Or even if you don’t, you would surely have seen it at your nearest drugstore as is one of the most common cleansing product in the country. But do you know that this bottle can do more than just cleanse? Here are things you never knew about Cetaphil.

  • You don’t have to wash it away. Although many people rinse the cleanser off with water, you don’t have to do it. You can either gently wipe it off with a washcloth or a towel.
  • Use it as a gentle, natural facial scrub: Celebrity makeup artist, Lauren Lazaro (clients include Talyor Swift, Ivanka Trump and Regis Philbin) mixes her Cethaphil with raw oatmeal and sugar for an all-natural exfoliation. “It removes dry, dead skin and leaves you feeling soft with a natural glow.
  • Use it as a shampoo for your color-treated hair
  • It can also be considered as an alternative for killing lice.
  • Can be used to care for new piercings or tattoos.
  • An alternative to shaving cream
  • As a makeup remover

Cetaphil Malaysia: Feeding your skin with safe nutrients

Protect, moisturize and cleanse your skin with the complete set of products from Cetaphil as following:

Cleansers (2 types)

Body Cleansers

Normal Skin (Gentle Cleansing Antibacterial Bar)
The cleansers will wash away dirt and any other residue without disturbing the natural balance of your skin’s pH and protective emollients.
Dry Skin (Gentle Skin Cleanser, RestoraDerm Eczema Calming Body Wash)
Your dry skin craves for water and needs care and protection. The cleanser leaves your body feeling refreshed, without harsh irritant.
Very Dry and Eczema-Prone Skin (RestoraDerm Eczema Calming Body Wash, Gentle Cleansing Bar)
Gently cleanses your body with its moisture enhancing characteristics while soothing the eczema symptoms like itching, dryness and irritation.

    Facial Cleansers (Daily Facial Cleanser, Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths)

    Moisturizers (2 types)

    Body Moisturizers

    Normal Skin (Moisturizing Lotion)
    Created to hydrate, replenish and nourish your skin with no greasy feeling.
    Dry Skin (Intense Moisturizing Cream, DailyAdvance Lotion)
    Provides hydration that leaves your dry skin feeling silky soft
    Very Dry and Eczema-Prone Skin (Moisturizing Cream, Intensive Moisturizing Cream, RestoraDerm Eczema Calming Body Moisturizer)
    Strengthen your skin’s protective layer while replenishing lost moisture and sooths the symtoms of eczema for a longer lasting relief.

        Facial Moisturizers

        Normal and Combination Skin (Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15, Moisturizing Lotion)
        Dry Skin (Moisturizing Cream, DailyAdvance Lotion, Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 50+)
        Oily and Acne-Prone Skin (Derma Control Moisturizer SPF 30)

        Acne-Prone (DermaControl Foam Wash, DermaControl Moisturizer SPF30)

        The cleanser and moisturizer regimen balances both acne symptoms and acne treatments, reduces and dryness and roughness.

        Eczema (RestoraDerm Eczema Calming Body Wash, RestoraDerm Eczema Calming Body Moisturizer)

        The first and one regimen with advanced ceramide and Filaggarin technology that replenishes the skin’s natural lipids.