The key to having youthful looking skin is through cell rejuvenation and normal beauty products only can do so much externally. With CellGlo Malaysia, it helps the skin from within to the outer skin surface with its oxygenation properties. Click here to learn more about the brand.

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Everything you need to know about CellGlo Malaysia

Beautiful skin always begins with healthy cells, CellGlo Malaysia uses skin dermatology and biochemistry knowledge from France for its research and product development. Formulated by French Biochemist, Prof Dr. Patrick Alex, CellGlo products are created scientifically and adhered to high beauty product safety standards, using formulations once exclusive only to top Beauty Spas in France. Using hydro extraction technology, CellGlo uses a blend of advanced proprietary that consists of 100% natural plants. Nature always holds the secret to age defying properties and this blend is able to extract the super richness in plants’ proteins, amino acids and bio-stimulins for its product formulation. Researchers have recently discovered a cutting edge technology in the area of ‘Eye Health and Body Wellness’. By combining two main botanical ingredients Lutein and Astaxanthin with nine types of wild berries and natural fruits, a great formula is found to be far more effective for skin rejuvenation (users can even see results in just a matter of days). The natural ingredients used in the formulation include Lutein (Marigold Flower), Black Current Fruits, Cranberry Powder, Elderberry Powder, Raspberry Powder, Green Apple Extract, Strawberry Powder, Red Grape Powder, Blueberry Powder, Billberry Powder and Astaxanthin (Phytonutrients). With all ingredients combined, CellGlo products are 6,000 times stronger than Vitamin C, 800 times stronger than CoQ 10, 560 times stronger than Green Tea Catachins and 500 times stronger than Vitamin E. It only takes 15 minutes for CellGlo products to be absorbed into the blood and organs while for eye absorption it only takes about 30 minutes. Natural and safe, guaranteed to help you feel and look younger! Read on to learn about their most popular products.

Cellglo Creme 21 from France

A moisturizer that offer a lot of benefits and is suitable for people who have various skin problems. CellGlo Crème 21 is suitable to be used by people of all ages. For teenagers, it can help minimize pimples, acne, and breakouts. It also helps adults to balance their body hormones, minimize pores, and rejuvenate cells. For the elderly, it helps to reduce wrinkles, firm and lift while improve stretch marks. Many customers have claimed that the cream has enhanced their skin's immune system making it become much smoother and softer. Applying the cream once in the morning and once at night after shower is sufficient. The cream can be applied on face and all parts of body as it is made from a blend of advanced proprietary hydro extraction, a 100% from natural plants; this blend is super rich in plants’ proteins, amino acids and bio-stimulins.

The two main type of ingredients in the product is Dioscorea Villosa and Phyto-Placenta. Dioscorea Villosa is a type of wild yam from England that has traditional body hormone properties. This wild yam is used by the Mayan culture as a pain relieve agent and in China as a top grade medicine with 50 types of hormones. As for Phyto-Placenta, it is extracted from wild glycine soya (wild soy bean) to offer a composition that encourages the production of Collagen Type III in our skin which is the key to youthful, radiance, and flawless skin.

Cellglo Crystal Eyes

The CellGlo Crystal Eyes was formulated to inhibit the damaging effects of oxidative UV blue light stress that can eventually lead to eye symptoms such as Age Macular Degeneration (AMD), Dryness, Cataracts, Floaters, Glaucoma, Astigmatism, Lazy Eyes (Amblyopia), Short-sightedness (Myopia), Presbyopia, Detached or Torn Retina, Night Blindness and Retina Pigment Epithelium (R.P.E.). It is made with a total of 11 botanical ingredient formula, that helps to improve skin hydration by 38%, elasticity by 8% and super facial lipids by 33%. One of the main ingredients of CellGlo Crystal Eyes is Lutein, which can only be found in Marigold Flower petals in Switzerland. Our eye area is one of the thinnest skinned area of our body so with the CellGlo Crystal Eyes, it can help restore the skin’s natural antioxidant defence system and booster skin immunity. Besides the eye area, the cream also helps to reduce inflammation, lower the risk of heart disease, stroke and other body ailments. Loved and consumed by many people across the globe including pilots across the world, CellGlo Crystal Eyes is the product you need if you are concerned about your eye health!

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