As one of the main telecommunication and mobile service companies in Malaysia, Celcom has the widest and fastest network coverage which makes them the best telecommunication provider. Since it is the oldest telecommunication company in the nation, Celcom understands all about your needs and launches some of the best prepaid and postpaid plans. Whether it's Celcom Prepaid or Celcom Postpaid, you'll get top value for your money. Read more about Celcom Malaysia below to find out.


Get Connected with Celcom Phone Plans

As a proud provider of telecommunication and mobile services, Celcom online continues to offer well-tailored plans that create better valueforits customers. For the latest Celcom prepaid plans, you can take a look atCelcom prepaid top-up cards. Since Celcom has upgraded its network infrastructure and coverage, the brand is ready to introduce the budget-friendly prepaid and postpaid plans which save both money and time. Here are the latest promotional plans and deals from Celcom so that you can start your day.


Recognizing the people's need foraffordablehigh-speed Internet plans, Celcom has announced an all-new CelcomXpax Plan. This newCelcom internetplan now offers 10GB of Free Basic Internet at 64Kbps and Free 10GB high-speed Internet for Facebook usage. When it comes to general Internet usage, you can enjoyfree 200MB high-speed Internet data,and RM6 preloaded airtime credit.

Regarding its Internet plan, you can choose between daily (RM3for 1GB), weekly (RM10 for 2GB), monthly (RM30 for 5GB), and monthly (RM50 for 10GB). All of these Internet plans also offer unlimited access to Yonder (a music streaming service). This CelcomXpaxalso offers the following add-on plans:

At RM1 a day,Xpaxcustomers can pick one of the following:

  • 1GB Late Night Internet (1am-7am)
  • 1GB Facebook Internet
  • 1GB Youtube data
  • Unlimited Basic Internet usage
  • Unlimited Calls to 1 number (any network)

At RM7/week,Xpaxcustomers can choose one of the following:

  • 10GB Late Night Internet (1am-7am)
  • 10GB Facebook Internet
  • 10GB Youtube data
  • Unlimited Basic Internet usage
  • Unlimited Calls to 10 numbers (any network)

Thanks to this new CelcomXpaxplan, the Xpaxcustomers will enjoy freebies with no complicated terms and conditions together with Internet plans that do not split the promised quota. The Xpaxadd-ons will also offer customers the best way to complement their various digital lifestyles with more voice, late night and other specific data needs. In short, this Celcom internetplan caters to those who want to embrace the next level of digital lifestyle.


As the latest prepaid plan from Celcom, the CelcomXpaxTurbo has been said to be the best prepaid plan ever in this nation. From this Celcom prepaid plan, you will be able to enjoy the incredible InternetBurungHantuwhich gives you 10GB (333MB daily). For this Celcom prepaid plan, theInternetBurungHantulimits the high-speed Internet users to use only from 1am to 7am. If you are real night owls that are active at night and beyond, the InternetBurungHantuplan is well-crafted just for you. The CelcomXpaxTurboalso comes with free Yonder Music (unlimited music with any of its Internet Plan).

The amazing CelcomXpaxTurbo offers the following:

  • 200MB data + 100MB Facebook for RM5 (3 days)
  • 600MB + 600MB Facebook + 300MB YouTube for RM10 (7 days)
  • 2GB + 1GB Facebook + 1GB Youtube (30 days)
  • 5GB + 2GB Facebook + 2GB Youtube (30 days)
  • 9GB + 3GB Facebook + 3GB Youtube (30 days)

If you do not where to begin, you can always opt for the CelcomXpaxTurbo Starter Pack. You can take a look at the awesome perks of the CelcomXpaxTurbo Starter Pack below:

CelcomXpaxTurbo Starter Pack:

  • Free up to 10GB Internet Burung Hantu 1am-7am every month (333mb/day)
  • Free 500MB every month for basic Internet at 64Kbps
  • Free 200MB hi-speed internet (valid for 7 days)
  • Preloaded with RM6 credit

At just RM10, you can get the CelcomXpaxTurbo Starter Pack to start your foray into the digital and Internet world. Perfect for those who are budget-minded, the CelcomXpaxTurbo Starter Pack also means that you do not have to stop eating just to save up money for other expensive Internet Plans.Every day, the demands for more internet and affordable prices rapidly increase. There is also an increase of customers who prefer to stream videos, primarily on Facebook andYoutubeduring nights. With that in mind, Celcom offers this incredible CelcomXpaxTurbo and it means business.

CelcomXpaxMagic Sim

Aptly named, the CelcomXpaxMagic Sim prepaid plan works like magic. For its users, this CelcomXpaxMagic Sim will save you a lot of money especially if you are aheavy user. In short, theCelcomXpaxMagic Simcomes with unlimited on-net calls (free calls to Celcom numbers), high-speed midnight surfing and cheap datapricing.Whenit comes to calling rates, you will be pleased to know that you only get charged 2.5 cents per minute. As Celcom loves to describe it, you get charged 30 cents per 12 minutes. It is incredible that you do not have to pay a high price for a call that is as long as 12 minutes!

This Celcom prepaid also comes with the amazing InternetBurungHantuplan. As always, the InternetBurungHantuplan enables you to enjoy unrestricted Internet speed from 1am to 7am. The CelcomXpaxMagic Sim is truly magical because it incorporates this Carry Forward Internet feature. However, you should remember that it only works if you opt-in forauto-renew. As an example, theauto-renewoption will carry forward any unused Internet to the next month when you have the sufficient balance to do so.