Choosing the right type of furniture for homes varies depending on a person’s personal style and taste. The process of furnishing your home can be a stress-inducing experience, because your next furniture purchase can seem final. With Cavenzi Online Store in Malaysia you can get the best furniture at affordable prices. Check it out below!


Tips on How to Pick the Right Furniture with Cavenzi Malaysia

A home-grown brand that can be trusted when it comes to home furniture, they cater to the needs and wants of the average consumer in Malaysia. Being one of the forefront furniture in terms of contemporary designs, they believe that quality designs do not equal to a hefty price tag. Established in 2004, the founder was inspired to create European inspired furniture at an affordable price after he stumbled upon shop that sold chic and trendy home furniture with a staggeringly costly price tag. Till today, the brand utilizes its experience in the international export markets and apply it locally.

Cavenzi online store in Malaysia: Furniture for every section of your home

Cavenzi online store in Malaysia offers furniture for different parts of your home which can be categorized into bedroom, hallway and entry, living room, kitchen and dining, and home office.

  • Bedroom - When you shop online with Cavenzi, you can get your hands on various bed sizes (Single, King, and Queen). If you are ever unsure of picking the right color for your furniture to match your bed, you can always opt for the bedroom set which comes with a sliding wardrobe, dresser, stool, and side table.
  • Hallway and Entry - The best way to divide small spaces in your home into sections is by utilizing a divider. Not only does a divider make the space of your hallway and entry look more decorated, you can also double it as a storage space!
  • Kitchen and Dining - Make family gatherings and get together fun with all types of dining sets! Depending on how big your home space or family is, you can pick for a variety of table sizes that come with matching chairs.
  • Living - Depending on the theme of your home, you can choose from coffee tables made of glass, marble or wood.
    Home Office - Make your home office made to look like a library with a classic display cabinet and show off your collection of books.

How to pick the right furniture for small spaces?

As we are currently facing a challenging economic situation, the most we can afford are small-spaced homes such as a condominium or an apartment unit. Making the most out of a small space in a home is challenging when it comes to picking the right furniture, there are a lot of factors that come into play as well. It has to fit comfortably without looking out of place and the room should not feel restricted and cluttered. Moreover, another essential aspect is the practicality and functionality of the furniture.

Built-in storage

The number one problem faced from living in a small space is the storage space. A quick fix to the problem is to purchase furniture that comes with built-in storage. Here are some options that you can choose from Cavenzi online store in Malaysia:

  • Cavenzi Anita Coffee Table
  • Cavenzi Ringo Coffee Table

Use multi-functional furniture

The best kinds of furniture for small spaces are those with double usage which can help to limit clutter. Opt for convertible furniture as it not only helps to save space, it can be a life-saver when you invite guests over to bunk in for the night. Here are some Cavenzi multi-functional furniture that you should check out for your living room:

  • Cavenzi Enzo Single Divan & Pullout
  • Cavenzi Hyperion Sofa Bed
  • Cavenzi Ducato Multipurpose Sofa

Choose small-scale furniture

Ensure that the furniture is scaled appropriately for a room and that it will be utilized. There is no need for a full-sized sofa or bulky armchairs when you know that it would rarely be filled up. If you are looking for a small-scale furniture for your home, here are some great selections from Cavenzi Malaysia:

  • Cavnezi Olivenza Tea Set
  • Cavenzi Niiata Bar Set

Go vertical

A room’s space always includes more than just its horizontal proportions. So, take advantage of vertical spaces by mixing in some taller pieces like a divider or a bookcase. Make your ceiling higher with these amazing cabinets from Cavenzi Malaysia:

  • Cavenzi Framboiesa Display Cabinet
  • Cavenzi Bellita Divider

Other tips for choosing the right furniture for small spaces

Make use of every corner of your home

The key to living comfortably is to develop a space-efficient plan. Don’t waste that small area in your living room, because every space in your home can be utilized. Make sure that the piece of furniture you choose is simple and not too bulky.

Look for visually lightweight furniture

A light-filled room could easily make a place look spacious and less cluttered. Take notice of the visual weight of the furniture instead of the actual size. You can pick furniture with a more leggy appearance or clear pieces such as those made with a glass finish.

Now that you know the ins and outs of decorating your home, shop online with Cavenzi Malaysia and get the best discounts!