From the background of an interior designer, Cath Kidston has created a phenomenal home furnishing and apparel line that is recognised worldwide. One of the most adored Cath Kidston products is her bags collection. Click here to read more about Cath Kidston bags.


Cath Kidston bags online in Malaysia

Give your style a “youthful refreshment” with Cath Kidston bags

If you have a deep passion for everything vintage, you have probably already known about Cath Kidston. Think flowery patterns, think Cath Kidston. The sweet and vibrant floral prints on its products perfectly resemble a beautiful princess from the enchanting Disney kingdom. More than that, Cath Kidston is probably the Queen of vintage design for everything that bears her name can instantly turn the surrounding to the vibrant 70s era.

The simple secret behind Cath Kidston’s astonishing success lies in its cheerful vibe that immediately lifts your mood. Furthermore, Cath Kidston bags are just as long lasting as their timeless designs. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a designer bag to own a durable and fashionable bag.

Select the Cath Kidston bag that reflects your personal style

Bags can be the best aesthetic adornment to your outfit, especially when they have such lovable designs like Cath Kidston. There are many splendid floral patterns or just simply plain leather styles for you to choose from.

Cath Kidston bags come in different sizes that suit with several styles and occasions. You will be spoiled for choice in the Cath Kidston garden full of pretty flowers. Besides floral patterns, there are also the vintage polka dot and novelty.

Cath Kidston Backpack

Who doesn’t want a backpack that is not only functional but also super gorgeous to impress all the passer-by? Achieve that princess-y look with a sweet matt coated backpack with turn lock closure and detachable straps. Or go for a more youthful look with the traditional multi pocket backpack with zipped closure. Either style will ensure an effortless “royalty” appearance.

Cath Kidston Handbags and Totes

If you are looking for a versatile and elegant handbag, Cath Kidston is the perfect choice for its special tote comes with a mini purse for a complete stylish look. You can carry the bag anywhere without worrying about the capacity as it is expandable thanks to the additional popper on the side of the bag. The plain leather design also makes a spotless accessory to your outfit with its sophisticating details and elegant finish.

If you want to polish up your vintage style, go for those Cath Kidston collections. No matter how you dress, the right bag can always add an incomparable lovey dovey look that will surely cast a spell on your crush. A Cath Kidston bag is a true attention seeker as well as the best compliment to your style. So get ready to steal the spotlight wherever you go with a state-of-the-art Cath Kidston bag.