Delve into the world of stylish prints, pretty pastels, and florals with Cath Kidston. Take a page out of Bill Blass (American fashion designer) rule book, “style is primarily a matter of instinct.” So when it doubt, go with your gut. We’re pretty certain your gut’s going to say yes to Cath Kidston though! Check out the brand's best products or read more about Cath Kidston below.


Classic Cath Kidston Prints that Every Fan of the Brand Must Have

Can’t get enough of prints? Then Cath Kidston Malaysia is the brand for you. If you love feminine and vintage designs (all with a healthy dose of cheery fun), Cath Kidston’s prints and products are bound to put a smile on your face. When in doubt, the classics are the way to go. You can even make a statement with your style by pairing an otherwise minimalistic outfit with a pop of color via your Cath Kidston accessory. Even stars like Mollie King and The Saturdays have been seen parading in their Cath Kidston products. Get yours now from these amazing prints that would surely make your life more joyful and colorful.

For over 20 years, Cath and her creative has sketched, colored and created uncountable prints and patterns. From their ever so famous floral and polka dots trademark patterns to the classic one like the Wild West Cowboy, everyone is bound to have a favourite. So, for their 20th birthday, here are the top 5 prints that have endured the test of time and where their inspiration came from.

Antique Rose Bouquet (1993)

When Cath came across an abandoned Welsh cottage, she discovered some worn out vintage wallpaper and tore some off as a keepsake. Little did she know that this torn piece would become her inspiration for the Antique Rose Bouquet wallpaper, the founding of all her products and still maintaining its spot as the best pattern to ever be created.

Rose Gingham (1994)

Due to some confusion in the order, Cath’s second batch of Rose Gingham fabric was a 1,500 meters of ready-made bed linen. As the smart women that she is, she turned that problem into a bestseller, creating the very first full Cath Kidston print collection.

Strawberry (1999)

When Cath was just a little girl, her favourite pinafore was covered with strawberries. And years later, she started her growing collection of crazy vintage strawberry print tablecloths that she gets from her trip to LA. This created her most loved Cath Kidston prints, available in pink, white and blue.

Cowboy (2001)

This print called the Cowboy print features cowboys on horses with a lasso in hand, small houses, and caravans. This print that’s inspired by vintage Americana is one of the Kath’s most iconic novelty print. It was produced in 2001 and can be seen on bags, accessories and even kid’s pajamas. The print has also used the movie The Hours which was starred by Nicole Kidman.

Stanley (2007)

It's time for Cath’s Lakeland Terrier to make an appearance in her creation, a hand-drawn classic, the Spot Red. Since appearing as a fun, playful print in 2007, Stanley, Cath’s pet is all over the place. He even had a royal makeover to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee in 2012.

Winter Rose (2007)

Featuring wild English roses, the Winter Rose print has a quirky, almost modernesque design using bold and unusual colors on its prints. It has several variations such as the yellow rose for clothing which pops from its grey background as well as an accentuating orange. For their classic bags, Winter Rose appears in pinky red and pale yellow blooms from the dusky oat background.

Spray Flowers (2009)

Perhaps one of the brand's most popular prints yet, Spray Flowers is mostly found in Cath Kidston's china and kitchenware but has been redesigned to fit into fashion. The print boasts its vibrant pink blooms popping out from the black background, creating a warmer, more summer feel.

Bloomsbury Boquet (2013)

Bold floral prints have always been a signature from Cath Kidston. Taking it a notch further, the Bloomsbury Boquet is a large-scale, sophisticated, and striking. Like most prints from their archives, the Bloomsbury Boquet is warm, versatile, and can be found in clothing, bags, and accessories. From a vivid dusty blue background, the Bloomsbury Boquet certainly pops out.

Prints are graphics are always in trends. Whether it’s on items of clothing, accessories, wallets, bags or shoes, there’s something enigmatic about the print that has us all feeling playfully chic. Don’t get up out of your seat just yet, you don’t actually have to head out to get your hands on vintage prints to play around with for your browsing for pretty prints starts right here, right now. Check out the brands best collection of clothing, shoes, bags, and more at iPrice!