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cassa va Chips Keropok Singkong (Gluten Free Chips)
RM 30.00

KROEPOEK WAROENG Kroepoek Waroeng is a premium quality Indonesian cracker produced by Cahaya Kencana with hygienic process and modern packaging. All of its natural ingredients make it the clear choice for healthy and natural diet. Kroepoek Waroeng is a new healthy choice range of snacks for busy people, perfect to nibble on and a perfect addition to family meals. Cassava Chips, Mini Rose Onion Crackers, Star-shaped Garlic Crackers and Prawn. Kroepoek Waroeng come in modern zip lock packaging for easy storage and handling. With all the hard work done, they are quick and simple to prepare, taste great and are a healthy snack for the whole family. 🔰Gluten Free 🔰No Formalin 🔰Less Baking Soda 🔰Using Natural Ingredients 🔰No Whitening 🔰NoBorax 🔰Modern & Hygiene HOW TO COOK Before frying, please sun–dry the crackers for 1–2 hours to obtain perfect expansion. Alternatively, you may use oven or microwave for 1–2 minutes to pre–heat the crackers. It is possible to use one frying pan, however it is recommended to use two frying pans with simple methods. Step by Step Pan 1 – Pour cooking oil on Pan #1 and wait until it is sufficiently hot. Put the crackers and flip them over until they expand. Pan 2 – move the crackers into pan 2#, where oil is heated at higher temperature. Pan 2 – Submerge the crackers by pressing down gently until the expand perfectly. Take them out and lay them on absorbent paper. Your crackers are ready to be served. Can be enjoyed as a snack or as a complement to your meal. #cassavachips #keropoksingkong #glutenfreechips #glutenfree #naturalproduct

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