The Casio G-Shock watch was first launched back in 1983. Intended to be used for sports, military and outdoor activities, the collection slowly grew into a fashion accessory adored by many watch users in Malaysia. Rugged, reliable, and stylish, the Casio G-Shock has become the go-to timepiece for those looking for a digital watch that can sustain the wear and tear of the everyday active lifestyle with an affordable price. Shop the Casio G-Shock Malaysia collection from the Frogman lineup to Rangemen to Mudman.


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Where are Casio G-Shock watches made?

The materials for Casio G-shock watches are made in Japan, while the assembly is done in Thailand and China. Hence, why you see the words “Made in Thailand” at the back of the watch.

How do I set a Casio digital watch?

Hold down “Adjust” until the seconds start to flash. While in that mode, press “Mode” to adjust the seconds, daylight saving time, city code, hour, minutes, 12-hour or 24-hour, day, month and year.

What does the G in G-Shock stand for?

G stands for Gravitational, so it is Gravitational shock.

Is S-shock a fake G-shock?

The S-shock is inspired by the G-shock series but it is not under Casio watches. G-shock watch collections include: The Rangeman, Mudmaster, Mudman and a range of other watch collections, however the S-shock is not one of them.

Are all G Shock watches waterproof?

Yes, all G-shock watches were designed to be waterproof.

7 Reasons to Buy Casio G-Shock Watches

For over 33 years, G-Shock watches by Casio still remain as one of the most sought-after timepieces today. From rugged editions like Baby G to stylish variants like SHEEN, Casio has designed watches that will suit any sportsman, professional or even a member of the armed forces. They are also known to be affordable, making them a total package unlike no other. Aside from that, here are 7 reasons why G-Shock will get your money’s worth.

Highly Durable

G-Shock watches are known for being indestructible. The triple-10 concept is integrated into their design, making them withstand 10m drops, have 10 bars of water resistance, and a 10-year battery life. If you add a few bucks for a premium version, you’ll get a much-improved performance, say, one that has a 200-m water resistance.


G-shock watches are not only durable but also come with many features. This is why many people who are in the military prefer them. Not only are they rugged and durable but also very accurate. Plus, they come with a rubber strap and casing, making them a perfect companion for long hikes and challenging missions. ‘

Worth the buy

If you’re in the market for a watch that gets your money’s worth, then go for G-Shock watches. Some variants like their Edifice and Premium Collection watches sport impressive features like an altimeter, Bluetooth, compass, and a world timer that is 1 to 2 meters accurate.

Loved by many celebrities

G-Shock is not only a timepiece of choice among professionals and for people who work in the military. They are also loved and adored by many celebrities which include Eminem, Bradley Cooper, Pharell Williams, Justin Bieber, Chris Martin, Rihanna, and much more. They flaunt their G-Shock watches the same way as how they flaunt their luxury timepieces.

Readable and Accurate

Another reason why G-Shock watches are loved by many users all over the world is that they are readable and accurate. With a simple press of a button, you get the information you need to let you know the right direction, control your music, travel around the world, and switch time zones or even scale a mountain. As mentioned, their watches come with an altimeter that enables you to read altitudes up to 10,000 meters.

Resistant to dirt, mud, and sweat

Dirt, mud, and sweat are things that can get on to watches. They are not a big concern unless they get into the mechanism of the watch. That’s why many athletes and trekkers wear G-Shock to withstand the onslaught of these elements. G-shock watches also have a rubber body that can stand up to dust, water or sand particles. Not to mention, they have a floating module that allows the quartz mechanism of the watch to float in the urethane foam inside it. This will protect the watch from all kinds of shock while you’re using it outdoors.


G-Shock watches are not only preferred by athletes but also people who have a taste for fashion. They add G-shock watches to their collection since they sport remarkable styles and colors which suit their taste.