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Casio digital cameras innovated many features in the past, which has resulted in many modern digital cameras coming standard with these features, such as an LCD display on the rear of the camera. Their Exilim Lifestyle cameras are also a hit with many people today due to the nature of its self-portrait or "selfie"-focused features.

Detaching the camera from the controller makes for a more advanced free-style camera. We significantly upped its potential with new picture quality, functions and ease of use. A lineup packed with options for a variety of activities. Spreading the fun of the outdoors all the more. To raise its performance in outdoor scenes, we’ve increased overall camera performance significantly. With a new engine and lenses, and the high-speed and sensing technologies they’ve unleashed, we’ve produced a camera that’s comfortable outdoors and shoots in high-resolution. EXILIM Engine HS Ver.3 - Two image processing circuits for high-speed performance A dual-pipeline processing circuit (2 CPUs and 2 ISPs*1) and a DRP*2 for processing images at high speed have now made it possible to continue pressing the shutter to take photographs while complex image processing is taking place. Its easy-to-see screen and intuitive operations make shooting all the more pleasant. *1 Image Signal Processor: An image-processing unit for digital cameras that processes image signals at high speed. *2 Dynamic Reconfigurable Processor: A processor which can freely adjust the hardware configuration to suit any requirement. Intelligent Interval - For limited blurring or tilt, even with active scenes During interval shooting, even as the camera shoots continuously at high speed, it uses its sensors to detect movements and orientation of the camera, analyzes them in real time and automatically selects the images with least blurring or tilt. Then it further analyzes the images, such as for facial detection, contrast, etc., and saves the best 1 frame. Our high-speed and sensing technologies let you get nice, clean shots with little blur or tilt. Max. 30 fps High-speed Continuous Shutter - Captures the moment you want to shoot EXILIM has realized high-speed continuous shooting of 12 MB images at up to 30 frames/second. It can capture fast-moving subjects in crucial moments. 3-Axis Anti-Shake Video - enables movies with little blur In addition to vertical and horizontal shake compensation, we’ve added anti-shake to the 3rd axis, roll. Thanks to its sensing and image analysis, it grasps the camera movement, allowing it to shoot movies with minimal blur, even while moving in an active scene. Read more
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Casio EXILIM Life Style EX-FR10 Digital Camera with 14 0 MP with 2 0-Inch LCD
RM 924.70

Casio Camera and Photo

Casio with Digital Cameras

Casio is one of the oldest camera manufacturers. They are also responsible for a lot of the modern day digital camera innovations that many cameras today use. The Casio QV-10 is the first consumer digital in the world to feature an LCD screen on the rear, which then set the standard of the feature – every other digital camera from that onwards would have a screen on the back, revolutionizing that familiar layout we all know today. The QV-10 is also the world's first 3-megapixel camera, first true ultra-compact model, and also the world's first digital camera to incorporate a ceramic lens technology.

Casio Exilim

The name Exilim is a brand of Casio's modern day digital cameras. The brand was first introduced in 2002 by Casio and has been in business until today. The very first Exilim Card series of digital cameras were very much more compact than other competitors, being incredibly thin (hence the 'Card' branding). It set the bar for compact digital cameras, causing its competitors and other manufacturers to produce slimmer and more compact digital cameras to the market.

Today the Casio Exilim line of cameras has only four different lines of digital cameras, and most iconic today is their digital camera line that's marketed towards "selfie" (self-portrait photography) users.

Lifestyle Cameras

The Exilim Lifestyle cameras is a rather specific line of cameras. It is made for the very sole and specific purpose of providing enhanced self-portrait photography, or selfies, for the modern day market. All of the Exilim Lifestyle cameras feature very stylish designs, giving you the option to choose a design that suits you best. These lifestyle cameras are very compact, easily fitting into the palm of your hand and also being easier to store in bags or pockets; it also comes with convenient features such as a flip out handle.

Premium High Speed Cameras

Casio Exilim premium high speed cameras are professional cameras that are high performance. They are equipped with very high quality sensors and are usually built with great materials as well, making the camera more durable and long lasting in everyday wear and tear. The cameras offer up to 10.7x of optical zoom and shoots incredibly fast with only a 0.25 second interval between shots.

High Speed Cameras

These high speed cameras capture incredibly high quality photographs, and are also more affordable than the premium cameras. There are many different models and designs in the high speed cameras lineup, each with their own features and designs. The cameras still retain the high speed shooting capabilities, with the fastest having only a 0.22 second interval.

Standard Cameras

These are the go-to everyday digital cameras. They have very decent specifications and features while still being able to capture incredible photographs. The standard digital cameras have a premium auto mode that allows the user to capture photographs easily.