Casio Baby-G bosting bold and active styles that make it a valuable accessory in everyone's wardrobes. Look cute, be tough, smart and sophisticated with Casio Baby-G watches. Browse below to learn more about various collections of Casio Baby-G watches.

What is the difference between G-Shock and Baby-G? | Can a man wear a Baby-G? | How can you tell a fake Baby-G?


Casio Malaysia Baby-G - Stylish Timepieces for One-of-a-Kind

The epitome of Japanese watch engineering, Casio Malaysia is one of the most recognized watch brands today. Established in 1946 by Kashio Tadao, the brand first manufactured microscopic parts and gears. They became popular in 1957 for making personal calculators and in 1974, they created their first computerized watch called the Casiotron which displayed hours, minutes, and seconds. One special thing that made Casio watches special is that they could automatically determine the number of days within a month, which from back then, was a revolutionary feat. From that moment on, Casio has been revolutionizing the watch industry by incorporating new research in products and materials that would make Casio watches stronger, better and more accurate.

In contrast to many watches out there, there is no simple word that truly can define the power and popularity of Casio Baby-G watches. It proves that you enjoy wearing watches that are durable and fashionable at once. Most importantly, its designs are just uniquely yours only.

Cute, Fun & Edgy

Boasting unique designs and colour variations with ample appeal, you will be more than excited to find that Casio Baby-G models to be full of numerous inspirations. United with the youth and active culture through designs and technologies, the Casio Baby-G is never lacking in its appeals and functions. Not just that, it keeps on evolving and never looks back since. In other words, the Casio Baby-G will never run out of styles.

Simply Tough Enough to Face Any Situation

Featuring the all-new Triple G Resist technology, this new impressive feature transforms your Casio Baby-G to be tougher as it is capable of resisting drop shocks, centrifugal gravity and vibrations. From time to time, this feature has been upgraded so much that your Casio Baby-G watch is seen as the next evolution of tough and durable watches. Not just that, you can expect that even your Casio Baby-G to boast 100-metre water resistance. Basically, your Casio Baby-G can survive not only from a drop or harsher punishment but also from being damaged by water. As such, the Casio Baby-G is simply an amazing watch that you can wear fashionably. Be stylish and ready for any outdoor activity!

Reasons to love Casio Baby-G watches

Baby-G watches are offered in four kinds of categories, which are 200-meter water resistance, Limited Models, Standard Analog-Digital and Standard Digital. Casio Baby-G watches have a cool urban style that suits modern living. Easy on the eyes and available in so many colours, styles and design, this awesome watch is a must-have for everyone. Here are great reasons why you should get a Casio Baby G:

  • If you are the type to sport an active lifestyle, then a Casio Baby-G is the perfect watch for you. It is a tough and durable watch made from the finest materials and excellent craftsmanship.
  • Another reason why you should get a Casio Baby-G is its fun and edgy style. Stand out among the rest with Casio’s awesome range of colours and designs which you can play around with your outfits.
  • Lastly, Casio Baby-G is worth the spend. With Casio’s long history of making digital watches, innovative features, and active designs, the brand is a great buy, especially if you are looking for a go-to watch.

Baby- G Malaysia Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between G-Shock and Baby-G?

The most obvious difference is size. G-Shock watch is targeted at men while Baby G is made for women with smaller wrists. The straps differ in size as well, as do the face sizes. The G-Shock tends to have a thicker case. There are unisex versions, for anyone feeling like these labels might be a little sexist.

Can a man wear a Baby-G?

Although Baby-Gs are marketed for women, there are quite a number of Unisex models as well, so there is no problem at all for a man to wear a Baby-G. If you got a small wrist and G-Shocks size can't match your wrist size, you probably can consider getting one Unisex Series Baby-G watch that comes in no feminine colours - easily matches your casual or active outfit.

How can you tell a fake Baby-G?

  • Watch screen - Original Baby-G using a mineral glass screen while fake Baby-G using resin or plastic screen.
  • Watch straps - The original straps will feel more elastic and comfortable to wear. While the fake one will feel stiffer, thinner and also feel like cheap plastic.
  • Build quality- The genuine Baby-Gs have a very good build quality. The text, the buttons, everything is perfect. While the fake one will have bad build quality such as some part not precision, bad paint, etcetera.
  • Weight - The original Baby-G is mostly heavier than the fake one
  • Box & Accessories - The fake Baby-G did not come with a manual book, warranty card or serial number and tag.