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Casio Malaysia – Expect The Unexpected

Ever since the release of the world's first electric compact calculator in 1957, Casio has been creating many high innovative products as well as creating better solutions. From the basic calculator to musical instruments, we can see this streak of creativity constantly shows up in all of its products. Basically, the only thing you can expect from Casio is its unexpected genius in its products.

Casio Watches – Telling Time As It is

From the popular Casio G-Shock to the sporty Casio Pro Trek, you know Casio has definitely covered all kinds of watches that you need. The Casio G-Shock Watch DW-5600E-1V remains one of best selling Casio watches despite being decades old. Offering 200 meter of water resistant, this classic Casio design is also tough as well.

Another cool Casio G-Shock that you should know is the Casio G-Shock GW-9400-1 Rangeman. Thanks to its Triple Sensor which contains compass, thermometer and altimeter-barometer, this Casio watch takes you to an adventure that you long for. Not just that, it boasts the awesome features of 24 hour countdown timer, 1000 hour stopwatch and 40 record memory for date/time, bearing and temperature/pressure reading. Truly tough and reliable, it is obvious that this Casio watch command everyone's attention.

Casio Cameras – Nothing Excels Like Exilim

With its Exilim series, Casio has transformed the market forever by introduction slimmer and thinner designs. The latest to come out from this line is the revolutionary Casio EX-ZR3600. Taking the world by storm, this Casio camera has an improved photo sharing capability as your pictures are sent to your smartphone automatically and directly. As if it is not enough, you can even send them via QR codes!

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Would you like to own a durable, high quality and affordable timepiece that requires almost no upkeep? Scroll down to find your perfect Casio, the all-rounder timepiece for all clutzs, adventurers, office goers and those on-the-budget.

Casio Malaysia - Your Go-To Brand of Precision and Dependability

Casio Malaysia's humble beginnings - Making something out of nothing

Established in April 1946 by an engineer specializing in fabrication technology, Kashio Tadao found the firm Kashio Seisakujo, a small subcontractor factory that made microscope parts and gears in Mitaka, Tokyo. Tadao had three younger siblings Toshio, Kazuo, and Yukio. The firm’s major breakthrough was Toshio’s invention of the yubiwa (finger ring) pipe, a ring-mounted cigarette holder that earned the capital for the firm’s following invention of the prototype of all-electric compact calculator (solenoid model).

In 1954, Japan’s first electric calculator was invented. The four Kashio brothers worked on to reduce the number of relays from the several thousand (sometimes over ten thousand) used in the giant computers in those days to just 341, through improvements in the circuit design and also made it to be dust-proof. Along with it, the Kashios adopted the ten-key format for data input which later led to the major breakthrough that brought about the current modern calculators that we use today!

It took a few years for the brothers to get a hold of a contract for the production of the relay calculator until June 1957, an exclusive dealer contract was signed with Uchida, also forming the Casio Computer firm that is now well established globally. Shigeru Kashio, the father of the four brothers were appointed as its President. Continued innovations also led to the creation of the world's first personal calculator called the Casio Mini in August, 1972.

After the success of the Casio Mini, Casio secured a position among the top electronic calculator maker in the industry. In order to strengthen its earnings base, the company decided to diversify its business by producing timepieces and with timepieces undergoing a technological revolution from mechanical to quartz mechanisms. This allowed Casio to utilize its LSI technology it had developed for electronic calculators for the business of timepieces.

Casio released a computerized watch, the CASIOTRON in October 1974 it. The watch not only showed the hours, minutes, and seconds, but also had a special function that could automatically determine the number of days in a month. From then on, Casio continue to improve its timepieces equipped with various practical functions such as anti-shock and waterproof properties with its signature G-SHOCK series that is available with attractive discounts on iprice.

Casio Malaysia - for everyone

Whether you are looking for a dependable timekeeper or a precise tool for calculation or a sturdy point-and-shot camera, Casio may be able to fulfill your needs at an affordable rate. This Japanese firm will definitely offer products of its highest quality giving you your money’s worth. After 58 years since it was formed, the brand is still growing steadily despite having to compete with the rapid changes of the electronic world that is now focused on the multi functional smart phones.

Casio Malaysia - buy watches, calculators, and clocks for the best prices!

Casio mainly produces and manufactures a wide variety of electronic devices. These include calculators, cash registers, digital cameras, laptops, electronic dictionaries PDAs, computer printers, clocks, watches, and portable televisions. From this wide variety of products, Casio is famously known for its watches (specifically the G-Shock series), its clocks, and its multitude of calculators. Below is a brief list of some of their most famous products:

Scientific Calculators
      • Graphing
        • FX-9860G/GII/SD
        • ClassPad 300 Plus/330
        • CFX-9800G
      • Programming
        • FX-4800P
        • FX-850P
        • FX-5500LA/5500L
      • CLASSWIZ (HiRes Natural Textbook Display)
        • FX-991EX
        • FX-JP900
      • Natural VPAM (Visually Perfect Algebraic Method)
        • OH-300ES Plus
        • FX-991ES Plus
      • VPAM/SVPAM/Two-line, Multi-replay
        • FX-991MS
        • OH-300MS
      • VPAM
        • FX-993S
        • FX-991S
      • LCD (One-line)
        • FX-65
        • FX-95
      • VFD
        • FX-1
        • FX-17
        • FX201P
Basic CalculatorLCD display
        • Desk calculators
          • DS-3TS
          • DH-160
        • Pocket calculators
          • JS-140TVS
          • HL-810
        • Printing calculators
          • HR-100TM
          • DR-210TM
      • Desktop calculators
        • AL-1000
      • Pocket calculators
        • CM-601
        • 101-MR
Casio Sport
Wave Ceptor
Musical Instruments
    • CZ-Synthesizer
    • VL 1 Synthesizer
    • DG-20 Electronic Guitar
Digital cameras
PDA/Data Bank
Data and Video Projector
Printing Systems
Mobile Phones

Casio’s key of success: it offers the basic functions that everyone needs and wants

Many maybe asking questions like why did Casio not work to integrate additional technologies into their products? Will Casio come out with the ultimate smart watch? Why are there not much new inventions from Casio nowadays? Questions arise but Casio is still capturing the hearts of so many consumers worldwide.

This is because Casio always make what it consumers like to use and that are high functional and comfortable which are practical and user friendly. The brand will continue to extend its own functionality to the modern world helping Everest mountain climbers to forecast weather trends with its sensor mounted digital Casio watch; assist that aspiring accountant complete his/her accounts with a Casio’s calculator. Or nurture a future pianist with the electronic Casio keyboard player or help a retired couple capture precious moments with their grandchildren using a user-friendly Casio Exilim camera.

Casio Malaysia - Excellence in industrial product design

Three of Casio’s products namely the Casio Exilim FR10 Action Camera, the Casio V-R7000 business support terminal and the Casio KL-G2 label printer were honored with the 2015 iF Design Awards.

The iF design awards organized by the iF International Forum Design GmbH is based in Germany and are internationally recognized as a marking bar for excellence in industrial product design. Entries are carefully judged for their quality, price, and environmental performance as well as for their design features. You can read more about this success here.

Casio Watches - not only for men

Girls Generation, a highly versatile girl pop group from South Korea enjoys wide popularity around the world was signed by Casio in July 2012 to be the face of BABY-G, as the group is the ideal match for the “Tough & Cool” concept of the BABY-G brand.

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