If you are on the lookout for a watch that speaks out your very own sense of elegance, passion, and boldness, then the watches from Cartier are the very ones for you. Have a look at what Cartier has to offer you or you could read more about Cartier watches below.

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Cartier Watches Malaysia: When Time Meets Substance, It’s Time for Cartier

Watchmaking is an incredibly complicated form of mastery. Only a number of people and companies have achieved this mastery and they exude it with boldness and sophistication in their work. As such, we are going to talk more about the watches made by the Cartier brand.

Cartier watches – keep time with these ones of a kind watches

Best known for its Roman numeral face watches, Cartier’s signature brand image of prestige and classical style is also not just any other watch quality. Cartier has incorporated several key production features that make copying difficult.

Cartier watches are nearly all produced from expensive metals like Karat Gold, Platinum, Silver, and high-quality Stainless Steel. Often embedded with top quality precious and semi-precious stones, Cartier watches appeal to people who appreciates the classical beauty of a wristwatch.

The construction of Cartier watch mechanism cases is always top quality and difficult to reproduce. Watch parts like the Cases, Dials, Movements, Bands, Deployant, are all well marked with the Cartier signature and government hallmarks.

To make its watches even more exclusive, Cartier started using a "secret signature" on their Dials sometime in the 1960s in which the leg of the Roman numeral Ten is the word "Cartier", they also did the same with the number Seven.

But did you know?

Although Cartier has always prided itself in making very fine and high-grade timepieces, Cartier never actually made neither watches nor clocks. It was in the 1920s that Louis Cartier became fascinated with watches in particularly wristwatches.

So, he went to the renowned house of LeCoultre to have some watch styles produced with his name Cartier. LeCoultre relegated a portion of their factory for the exclusive design and started to make Cartier Watches and named it European Watch and Clock. E.W.C. went on to produce some of the most unique, desirable, and creative timepieces of all time. This created a unique brand that also made Cartier watches and clocks highly sought after by collectors today. These watches can even bring 5 figures, while the line of Mystery Clocks can fetch 6 figures.

Cartier Men Watches: Bold, Reliable, and Manly

Louis Carter, the founder of the brand, was a man with heavy thoughts on class and elegance. As such, all the watches that are under the Men category are of those two attributes and more of course. Here is a basic list of what types of men’s watches Cartier has to offer:

  1. Ballon Blue de Cartier – Elegant-focused watches with sapphire cabochon winding mechanism and precious metal arc and satin-finish links
  2. Tank – Louis Cartier’s personal favourite style. Rectangular, sharp, with leather straps—you can never go wrong with distinctive traditional Cartier Tank watches
  3. Calibre de Cartier – The round-form of watches that are equipped with Manufacture Cartier Movement mechanism that sport masculinity and portray exceptional expertise
  4. Rotonde de Cartier – Features central chronograph, flying tourbillon, and astroregulateur
  5. Santos de Cartier – Watches inspired by flying. Also feature rounded angles of the dial, seamless curve of the horns, and exposed screws made to cause countless reinterpretations
  6. Ronde Solo de Cartier – Crafted to portray classical elegance and signature Cartier features through Roman numerals, blue sword-shaped hands, and rail-track minute circle

Cartier Women Watches: Passionate, Elegant, Classy

To master Watchmaking in full, one must cover all the areas in regards to it. This includes watchmaking for women. Have a look below for what Cartier has to offer:

  1. Tank – as Louis Cartier’s personal favourite style, the style proceeded into the making of women’s. As such, we are gifted with beautiful women watches with lugs that blend into the edges of the flat vertical brancards
  2. Baignoire – Cartier succeeded in oozing the elegance of a woman through the design of this style. Oval in shape, bedazzled, and with crisp and sharp edges are the same words to describe a classy and elegant woman
  3. Cle de Cartier – This style features soft curves, clean lines, a rounded profile. Focusing mostly on minimalistic designing and execution, Cartier managed to pull off a style that will fit most women who are into the simple but stylish way of fashion

Being Ahead of Time: A Cartier Watch Certainty

How does a timepiece brand keep up with the latest trends in fashion and elegance? Well, Cartier uses its deep links with art. Throughout its long and enriching history, Cartier maintained healthy ties with the art world to stimulate its own creativity. Coupled with its keen eye on details, perfection, and elegance, creativity plays a big role in the creation and designing of its watches.

We here at iprice Malaysia believe that time is always of the essence. But Cartier makes sure that you are always ahead of time, through their watches.

Is Cartier watch worth buying?

Most people think of Cartier as a premium fashion and jewellery brand rather than a watchmaker. However, if we go back in time, Cartier actually began as a watchmaker. As the pioneer in the watchmaking business, Cartier watches are simply ageless, and they are well worth the investment.

Cartier's distinctive design of a square watch with a white face and roman numerals stands out from the crowd. Cartier's timepieces continue to have a high resale value, according to the data.

Is Cartier a good watch brand?

Cartier's reputation as the greatest jeweller in the world is sometimes overshadowed by the fact that Cartier began as a timepiece rather than a luxury fashion and jewellery business. Many people thought of Cartier as a fashion brand, but the company's long and rich heritage in watchmaking is no myth.

With Cartier's history of being the greatest jeweller in the world and one of the leaders of the watch manufacturing business, anybody can be certain that they are receiving the highest quality watch from Cartier in terms of technology and materials used to create the watch. Cartier has laboratories all around the world where they study and create the finest watches, as well as various horological advances.

Where are Cartier watches made?

Cartier watches are designed and manufactured in Switzerland. Cartier's headquarters are in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, which is known as the "City of Watchmakers" since it is home to numerous cutting-edge watch inventions and watches leaders such as Breitling, Tag Heuer, Zenith, and Rolex labs.

Do Cartier watches retain their value?

Cartier watches do not simply just retain their value; they also increase in value over time, much like appreciating gold. The majority of original Cartier watches are resold at a higher price since they are considered as a historical timepiece heritage. If the watches are properly maintained, they would last a lifetime.

Cartier watches are considered luxury commodities because of their long history as jewellery designers, which simply means that they use the finest quality precious metals while making their watches. Cartier also has its own high-tech watchmaking facilities that create high-quality timepieces with extreme precision.

You'd be amazed how much Cartier watches are valued by collectors and dealers all over the globe if you visit any watch shop. Pre-owned Cartier watches are frequently bought at exorbitant prices, especially at auctions, and this comes as no surprise to anybody.

Why are Cartier watches so expensive?

Cartier produces some of the world's most expensive timepieces. Even one of the Princes of Wales referred to Cartier as "the jewellers of kings, the kings of jewellers," despite the fact that the company is now more recognised for its jewellery: it has catered to an enormous list of celebrities and royals.

Of course, justifying the pricing of Cartier requires more than just a name and story. Cartier's timepieces were initially made of precious metals. Steel timepieces were not produced by the company until 1978. People continued to see Cartier watches as premium products despite the lack of gold gear. Their reputation has stood the test of time.

Why are Cartier timepieces so expensive? The brand has achieved a high level of influence due to the use of high-quality materials, their history, and the support of highly influential icons such as the world's most renowned fashionistas, all of which convert Cartier watches into a premium price.