If you are on the lookout for a watch that speaks out your very own sense of elegance, passion, and boldness, then the watches from Cartier are the very ones for you. Have a look at what Cartier has to offer you or you could read more below.


Cartier Watches Malaysia: When Time Meets Substance, It’s Time for Cartier

Watchmaking is an incredibly complicated form of mastery. Only a number of people and companies have achieved this mastery and they exude it with boldness and sophistication in their work. As such, we are going to talk more about the watches made by the Cartier brand.

Cartier Men Watches: Bold, Reliable, and Manly

Louis Carter, the founder of the brand, was a man with heavy thoughts on class and elegance. As such, all the watches that are under the Men category are of those two attributes, and more of course. Here is a basic list of what types of men’s watches Cartier has to offer:

  1. Ballon Blue de Cartier – Elegant-focused watches with sapphire cabochon winding mechanism and precious metal arc and satin-finish links
  2. Tank – Louis Cartier’s personal favorite style. Rectangular, sharp, with leather straps—you can never go wrong with distinctive traditional watches
  3. Calibre de Cartier – The round-form of watches that are equipped with Manufacture Cartier Movement mechanism that sport masculinity and portray exceptional expertise
  4. Rotonde de Cartier – Features central chronograph, flying tourbillon, and astroregulateur
  5. Santos de Cartier – Watches inspired by flying. Also feature rounded angles of the dial, seamless curve of the horns, and exposed screws made to cause countless reinterpretations
  6. Ronde Solo de Cartier – Crafted to portray classical elegance and signature Cartier features through Roman numerals, blue sword-shaped hands, and rail-track minute circle

Cartier Women Watches: Passionate, Elegant, Classy

To master Watchmaking in full, one must cover all the areas in regards to it. This includes watchmaking for women. Have a look below for what Cartier has to offer:

  1. Tank – as Louis Cartier’s personal favorite style, the style was proceeded into the making of women’s. As such, we are gifted with beautiful women watches with lugs that blend into the edges of the flat vertical brancards
  2. Baignoire – Cartier succeeded in oozing the elegance of a woman through the design of this style. Oval in shape, bedazzled, and with crisp and sharp edges are the same words to describe a classy and elegant woman
  3. Cle de Cartier – This style features soft curves, clean lines, a rounded profile. Focusing mostly on minimalistic designing and execution, Cartier managed to pull off a style that will fit most women who are into the simple but stylish way of fashion

Being Ahead of Time: A Cartier Watch Certainty

How does a timepiece brand keep up with the latest trends in fashion and elegance? Well, Cartier uses it deep links with art. Throughout its long and enriching history, Cartier maintained healthy ties with the art world to stimulate its own creativity. Coupled with its keen eye on details, perfection, and elegance, creativity plays a big role in the creation and designing of its watches.

We here at iprice believe that time is always of the essence. But Cartier makes sure that you are always ahead of time, through their watches.

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