Well recognised as a high jewellery maker for its classic and timeless jewelleries, Cartier takes refinement, craft and inspiration to a whole new level. This luxurious jewellery label is no stranger to the world with loyal fans that come from various backgrounds like the rich and noble to the Kings and Maharajas not only in Malaysia but from around the world. Read more about Cartier in Malaysia here below to find out.


Top Cartier Perfume for Both Men & Women

The Cartier perfumes are popular because they bring exquisite scents that match well with the personalities of the wears. In short, they are wonderfully crafted perfume everyone loves. Since Cartier boasts a wide variety of perfume products, it can be very difficult to decide which Cartier perfume suits you the most. Ifyou do not know where to begin, there is a simple guide that answers your need properly. Here are some of the top Cartier perfume for both men and women.

Cartier Perfume for Him

L'EnvolDe Cartier

The gorgeousL’Envolde Cartier reveals the pioneer inside each and every one of us. It is an elixir which stirs up the mind, stimulates passion, lights the unknown. Where the trip begins, at the dawn of every project, even the craziest ones such astheL’Envolde Cartiercanbeuncompromising and contrastedeaudeparfum. Asa unique oriental-transparent fragrance, this Cartier perfume brings one-of-a-kind flavor . Exhibiting soft and intense scent, it quivers with freshness. It brings a misty cloud of muskthat captivates any soul who smells itsscent.

Enhancedwith a powerful and masculinegaiacwood as wellits honey notes and balmy facets, theL'EnvolDe Cartiergives the modern gentleman a potent potion to display his irresistible charm. When you are using this Cartier perfume, you are now a true man of culture. It definitely brings another level of refinement and sophistication that match your cultured air.

Santos De CartierEauDe Toilette

TheSantos De CartierEauDe Toilette is the first fragrance for men by the jeweler house of Cartier. Boasting intensive oriental and woodyflavor, the Santos delivers the exotic vibe you have searching for all this while. It is a fitting tribute to the adventurous pioneer aviator named Santos-Dumont. Like the legend himself, this Cartier perfume exudes bold and daring scent that inspire confidence in your heart. At the same time, it is meant to stir your passion for greater things to come. Literally, you will feel as if you are clothed with might and wonder when you wear this courageous Cartier perfume. Just like the iconic bible verse, you can be bold and courageous with the Santos De Cartier perfume.

This is an elegant fragrance for colder weather or for evening. The base notes are galbanum, carnation, neroli, patchouli and sandalwood. The attractive packaging has the warmcolorof dark amber that suggests the pleasures of Orient. Since theperfume was launched in 1981, it has continued to attract a growing number of men who enjoyits uniquely bold fragrance. It also gains the well-deserved reputation for putting fire in the hearts of people who wear them. Wherever you go, you will walk with great confidence.

Cartier Perfume for Her


Cartier initiated the collection of perfumes inspired by kisses in 2011 withBaiserVole edition. The name means "Stolen Kiss" and the composition is based on the essence of rare and elegant lily flower. The new fragranceBaiserFou or "Crazy Kiss" comes out in March 2017, aligned with the collection, but focusing on another flower. The lovelyBaiserFou looks ready to charm the whole world with its sweet scent. This mischievous scent also carries the true meaning of "wild at heart".

Announced as a "mischievous and femininesoliflorwhose delicious accents evoke the aroma of kisses with lipstick,"BaiserFou is developed by the in-house perfumer Mathilde Laurent, who chose the flower of orchid as the main ingredient. Like most Cartier fragrance, this one aims at the lovers of unique and luxury compositions. It was conceived as a passionate and intense aroma of sweet and powdery orchids, reminiscent of the scent of lipstick. Sensual and seductive, theBaiserFou perfume is perfect to awake passionate feelings among those who taste its scent.


Designed ascaptivating fragrance that reveals a free-spirited and passionate woman, the LaPantere reflects a liberated and passionate woman. It hasbeen described as afeline-floral accord born from the fusion between a radiant and delicate gardenia with sensual musky notes. Mysterious, elegant, and graceful, the panther is the inspiration for Cartier’s new fragrance. For the floral side, Mathilde Laurent chose to explore the majestic, radiant gardenia for a sensual and delicate femininity. When it comes to feline side, she makes sure that itsvelvety mellow musk is able to evoke the captivating and effortlessly seductive woman.

Its unique bottle is the elegant glass bottle design which isthe first to be carved from the inside. At first glance, it revealsthe features of the seductive panther as it is outlined by the delicate pink of the juice. With its unique scent of feline sensuality, you can transform into the crowd's favoriteCatwoman.