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Carter’s Malaysia: For the Littlest Joys

Carter’s Malaysia: Branded Apparel for Your Little One

Carter’s (also known as Carter’s, Inc or William Carter Company) is a manufacturer of children’s apparel that is based in the US. The company was founded in year 1865 by William Carter. The company has been touted as one of the largest branded manufacturer of baby’s and children’s clothing. The company has since grown to include other brands in its portfolio (such as OshKosh B’gosh and Child of Mine) . But we will leave those for another time and focus solely on its main brand: Carter’s.

Carter’s Malaysia: Looking Great, Feeling Comfortable

The history of Carter’s is found deeply entwined with the production of children’s clothing, gifts and accessories of the highest possible quality. In fact, part of the brand’s heritage is its attention to detail, quality and innovation that has earned itself a place of importance in many families’ hearts. Its products are created with intention of making it easy for mothers to dress their child and also for the little ones to feel comfortable when wearing them. Each product, right down to the stitching, is specially crafted with that in mind.

Among the various products that the brand has to offer, here are a few items that we felt would be of interest to parents:

  • Carter’s Swim Shop collection: Swimming is a skill that is best taught when young as this skill could save their life. When preparing to teach your child how to swim, one of the important things that your baby should have (other than proper instructors) is a swimming suit. And this is where Carter’s Swim Shop collection comes into play. This collection offers swimsuits specially made for newborns and babies up to 24 months of age.
  • Carter’s One-Piece Outfits: Ask any parent that has more than 1 baby in the house that they need to run after and they can tell you that one-piece outfits are god-sent! These outfits are made to feel comfortable and are easy to put on any hyperactive child.
  • Carter’s Baby Accessories: Not all babies have strong immunity system, which is why you should get a few hats, socks, booties and mittens to keep your child properly protected against the coming cooler temperature. Made from soft, comfortable fabrics, your child will be kept warm and comfortable when wearing these products.

Carter’s Malaysia: Protecting the Future

Other than manufacturing quality baby and children’s apparel, the brand has also created partnerships with several organizations dedicated to the wellbeing and care of babies and kids. The brand is on the lookout for opportunities that can be used to nurture and protect children as well as build communities for children to flourish in. Among the various things that they have done to provide for children locally and internationally are:

  • Donating excess inventory items through their partner organization, K.I.D.S. Fashion Delivers
  • Providing support for mothers in America on Mother’s Day in order for them to be able to support their children via the “Save the Children’s Early Steps to School Success Program”. This program was first started in 2013 and accepts customer donations up until Mother’s Day.
  • Collects monetary and pajama donations for the Pajama Program since 2009 (a national charity that aims to provide new books and pajamas to children who are in foster care or are homeless). Carter’s annually donates over 100,000 pajamas to the program while matching customers donations up to 50,000 pajamas.
  • Making grants to charitable partners in order to support food programs, childhood literacy, early education, scholarships and so much more.

Apart from caring for the future of the children, the brand is also part of The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety and is in fact a founding member of the alliance. Along with more than 20 North American retailers and brands, the alliance aims to improve working conditions at their factories by:

  • Training, educating and empowering all the staff in their factories (from factory workers to management)
  • Implementing and ensuring that a common standard is set and upheld for assessing fire as well as building safety in factories
  • Public reporting of issues identified and remediation plans developed during inspection of factories

Carter’s Malaysia: Only the Best for Your Little One

Ensure that your child looks great and feels comfortable in all the clothes that he/she wears with awesome apparel from Carter’s! If you are on the way to welcoming a new addition to the family, then you may want to take a look at our array of Baby Products just to get a small idea of what to buy. Other than shopping for children’s clothing, why shop for a couple of educational Toys to encourage your child to learn while having fun? Here on iprice, we offer everything parents may need for their children at affordable prices! So scroll up and continue looking through our array of awesome Carter’s products or click here to look at other children-related products!