Shoes are the key to make one outfit look great, so owning a pair of good shoes to go with that perfect clothing is essential to make an impression. If you feel like you need another to-go bag for your everyday use, you can browse through our huge handbag collection online from Carlo Rino in Malaysia! Read more about Carlo Rino and find out how you can match your bag with your shoes.

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How to Match your Carlo Rino Bags with your Shoes

There are only two things in this world that can make a woman happy - bags and shoes. Whether you are shopping online or simply looking through the catalogues for gift ideas, then this is the right place to be. Carlo Rino bags and shoes are one of the best Italian-inspired, Malaysian shoe brands in the market. They produce top-quality handbags and shoes that would definitely make you look like a star!

One of the many virtues in fashion is to "always match your bag with your shoes" but some women are still having a hard time trying to grasp the thought. Matching your Carlo Rino handbag to your shoes does not just mean colour, it could also mean style, texture and your overall look. Here are some helpful tips on how to help you match your shoes to your handbag and vice versa.

Carlo Rino Malaysia - A young woman's must-have brand

Undeniably, fashion trends nowadays evolve very quickly, crop tops and long flare skirts may be in fashion for one season but it may never be for another. When picking out shoes and bags, young women nowadays tend to select designs that would still be trendy and fashionable for at least a year or two so that they keep track of their shopping budget. That is why Carlo Rino produces the best shoes and handbags that would transcend through fashion seasons so that you can be hip and stylish on any given day. It is the perfect brand for both shoes and bags as its designs are not only trendy but also fresh and fun, suitable for youthful women!

The Carlo Rino Story

Launched in 1986 by the Bonia Group, Carlo Rino was set to capture the hearts of young cosmopolitan women with its vibrant colours and trendy designs. Although the brand is a popular brand for its shoes, Carlo Rino also makes a variety of products such as wallets, key chains, purses, and handbags. No matter how dull or dreary your day has been, you would feel a form of joy filling up your soul the moment you lay your eyes on the colourful rainbow. Life would always look wonderful when there are some splashes of colours in it as colours brighten up people’s life. That is what Carlo Rino is all about – style and colours all wrapped in one.

Carlo Rino in Southeast Asia

Carlo Rino has a loyal following in Malaysia and several neighbouring countries like Hong Kong, China, Japan, Vietnam, Brunei, Indonesia, now the brand has even expanded its presence in Oman, Finland, Saudi Arabia and Cambodia. Buyers of the brand are always confident with Carlo Rino’s quality leather materials and its classic designs that offer wearers more functionality and convenience as Carlo Rino has a presence in almost every mall in Malaysia.

Coordinate but don't make it look the same

This can be a little bit hard to explain. When you pick your shoes and handbag of the day, make sure that the colours complement each other. Try to pick them according to its colour family. Neutral, neon, earth, and jewel tones are some examples of a colour family, but it doesn't stop there. Colour tones would also look great on your Carlo Rino shoes and bag. For example, navy blue shoes would be great together with a light-coloured blue bag, etc. In addition, colour coordination is not just about wearing the same colours but also complementing them accordingly. If you are unfamiliar with colour complements, take a look at the colour wheel and find the closest colour to your Carlo Rino bag, the colour opposite that shade would be its complement. This rule applies not only to bags but also for all pieces of fashion that you're going to wear.

Always consider texture

When choosing a bag for your shoes, always consider the texture. Textures can range from smooth to rough, depending on what materials are used on the items. Try to match them up according to your preference and see how it turns out. Trying out shoes and handbags are always exciting! Contrasting and complementing textures are always a go-to in fashion. For example, the leather bag goes together with leather shoes; simple enough. But, you can also spice it up a bit by adding other textures to your bag. Tufty bag charms or a satin scarf would add depth and dimension to it, making your bag more than just an accessory.

Don't go overboard

The key to a good style is to always compliment your look with something that is the opposite of the other to gain asymmetrical balance. If you have a big handbag, compliment that one with less conspicuous heels of the same or complimenting colour. A big, brown cheetah-printed bag would go well with darker brown or black flat shoes. Never have too much of the same colour, size or texture, otherwise, you could look like an overdone Christmas tree. Take inspiration from your Carlo Rino bag and work from there.

Consider what you want to wear

Fashion does not have rules by which you should abide in. There are good and bad looks but people can never tell you not to be yourself. Always consider what you want to wear for today. For example, you want to wear ankle boots for your daytime look, you can do so but don't forget to complement that with a big handbag to give you that feminine and chic look.

Leather handbags/clutch go with pumps or platforms

If you want a look that can go from 'office' to 'party' in a snap, then arm yourself with a black Carlo Rino clutch and pumps or platforms. Complement your look with a metallic top that would match or go well with your shoes and a blazer, and you're ready for that modern working girl look!

Never be afraid to experiment!

With the fashion industry being so fast in terms of setting up trends, you would never know what's going to be in the next season. You don't have to be a stick in the mud with regards to what and what not to wear. It is your choice and your style. The best way to transcend through several fashion seasons is to have your own timeless pieces from Carlo Rino shoes and handbags.

About Carlo Rino

Carlo Rino was established in 1986 in Malaysia and it strives to become one of the leading luxury fashion brands in the country. The Carlo Rino Malaysia philosophy is to always offer products that are up-to-date, fresh, and youthful. All of Carlo Rino products are feminine yet functional, stylish yet practical, and combine contemporary and versatility perfectly.

Where can I buy Carlo Rino bags online?

You can purchase Carlo Rino bags from Carlo Rino Malaysia online store or at other trusted online merchants such as Lazada and Shopee.