Leather, neoprene, mesh, velour, canvas, etc... Which types of car seat covers can improve your vehicle aesthetics while at the same time protect your car seats from stains? Find out more below.

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What Kind of Car Seat Covers Do I Need?

Choosing the right car seat cover to suit the interior look while simultaneously provide ultimate comfort is a hard decision to make. When selecting the most suitable car seat cover, consider a few factors: weather, daily life activities, types of stains or damages usually spotted in your household.

Canvas - Generally used for trade vehicles, trucks and agricultural vehicles, this fabric is completely waterproof and sturdy. Canvas is also the most durable material among all. It provides protection against mud and beverage spills. Its drawback is limited comfort as the material can be a bit harsh on the skin. This is perfect for cars that are used for tough adventures or camping.

Leather - No more worries about spills and stains! Besides giving the interior look a luxurious feel, it is fully resistant to liquid, solid food, and vomit. The smooth surface allows for a quick wipedown and the leather car seat cover is going to look brand new again. However, the worst enemy of leather upholstery is the sunlight. If the leather car seat cover is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, it can tear or crack, and end up fading in colour.

Neoprene - If you lead an active lifestyle or have kids, neoprene is a good material to have for seat covers. It’s made from moisture-resistant material, which is used to make scuba diving suits or surfing suits, hence this seat cover is popular amongst beach-goers. With such water-resistant property, neoprene can protect against water spills, debris, dirt and water damage.

Mesh - Residents of tropical countries will love this material. Mesh is a highly breathable fabric that affords good air circulation. Passengers will sweat less when the surrounding temperature is high as the material allows air to flow through tiny holes and get underneath the seat cover.

Velour - If comfort and value are your priority, this plush knitted fabric is for you. It’s made from cotton and polyester, making the seat cover soft yet elegant at the same time. This material resembles the original upholstery in many modern vehicles, so it blends well with the car interior. Despite its low water resistance and poor durability, the economical cost of velour makes it a great bargain that suits any type of vehicle.

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