Like how every smartphone needs a layer of a screen protector, our vehicles also need floor mats to protect the interior against dirt and stains. Which car floor mats are better? Check out for more information below.


FAQs on Car Carpets

1. Which car floor mats are better: rubber or carpet?

Rubber mats are relatively durable as they are made of heavy-duty rubberized material, thus they are most likely to last until your vehicle gets old. With a smooth surface, it eases the process of cleaning, which would only involve light scrubbing and spraying the dirt off with water. Rubber mats offer the greatest amount of protection in the long run.

Carpet mats are made of tough nylon or Berber material. They are also quite durable if they are handled with care during deep cleaning though, these mats generally wear out after a long time They can be ordered for customisation to enhance your vehicle’s interior aesthetics. Cleaning carpet mats is also tougher, dirt and debris might stick and can never seem to come off easily.

In the end, it all boils down to personal preference - aesthetics or practicality. Generally, rubber mats are highly recommended for their sturdiness and ability to withstand adverse weather and spills.

2. How to deep clean car floor mats?

Before cleaning any kind of car floor mats, always start with vacuuming to suction up all the dirt, dust and hair. Removing all of these as the first step makes deep cleaning easier and smoother.

Rubber mat - The easiest way is to use a high-pressure hose or a bidet spray to spray off the dirt. If both aren’t available at home, you can also fill a huge bucket with water and splash it on the dirt and soil. You may also incorporate soapy water while cleaning to get rid of any unpleasant smell.

Carpeted mat - Sprinkle baking soda on the mat, and apply soapy water (can be laundry detergent or soap powder mixed with water) to the baking soda on the surface, then use a small hand brush with stiff bristles to scrub dirt or stain away from the mat. Repeat the process until the stain or debris comes off, and finish up with rinsing with clean water.

This simple drying process can apply to both rubber and carpeted mats - leaving them out in the sun. Make sure that they’re completely dry before placing them back into the car to avoid musky smell.

3. Trapo car mats vs PVC coil mats?

Trapo car mats for the win - they are easy to clean, anti-slip, anti-bacterial, odourless and eco-friendly. On the other hand, PVC coil mats are harder to maintain, less durable, heavy and harmful to the environment.

4. What are the top brands for car floor mats in Malaysia?

  • Trapo Mats: Available for Customisation
  • Murah King 2U SPARZO
  • OCA Mats

5. How to remove rubber odour from car floor mats?

New rubber mats have pungent rubber odours that could permeate through the interior of your car. The odours can also linger in the car for a long time to the point of irritation. Upon your purchase of new rubber mats, place them in a big tub or sink filled with warm soapy water and a cup of distilled white vinegar. Let the mats soak for at least half an hour before rinsing them with water. Then dry the mats outdoor for 3 hours, letting the sunlight do its work in eliminating any odours.