Car accessories can improve our driving experience and add some new look for your existing car. After all, you can always spice up your car with the latest and coolest car accessories and essential vehicle accessories available in Malaysia market. If you are wondering what to get for your car accessories, look no further than below article.

What are the basic accessories for a new car? | What accessories can I add to my car?


Top Car Accessories Price List 2021

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Continental UC6 RM 195.00 Shopee
Continental CC6 RM 129.00 Shopee
Continental CC6 195/55/R15 RM 155.00 Shopee
Michelin Primacy 4 RM 242.00 Lazada
AMARON GO NS40ZL / 38B20L Car Battery RM 159.00 Shopee
Continental CC6 175/65/R14 RM 131.00 Shopee
AMARON GO NS60 Car Battery RM 210.00 Shopee
Continental CC6 185/60/R15 RM 188.00 Shopee
Continental UC6 215/55/R17 RM 298.00 Shopee
AMARON GO 55D23L Car Battery RM 295.00 LazMall by Lazada
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Continental UC6

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All about Car Accessories

Driving on Malaysia roads can sometimes be dreadful, but a car is necessary to get us to places. Thankfully there is one sure way to have a pleasant drive – customizing your car. The best way to customize your car is to use accessories. Let’s look at some essential car accessories you must have in your car to make driving a pleasure.

5 Must-Have Car Accessories

Magnetic phone holder

Most of us use our phones’ GPS systems when driving to an unknown place. Unfortunately, smartphones are a huge distraction when behind the wheel. A split-second glance at your phone’s screen and you could end up in a crash. For this exact reason, car mobile phone holders were created. But unlike the regular, bulky phone clips and mounts you find, magnetic phone holders are simple, easy, and save space. One end with a magnet to secure your phone, the other with a clip that latches on to your air-conditioning vents, magnetic phone holders keep your phone within a safe view when behind the wheel. A magnetic phone holder also goes along well with your car charger as it holds your phone in place when charging.

Blind-spot mirrors

It’s no surprise that blind spots can be detrimental to road safety. We might not be able to see other cars or motorcycles coming out from our blind spots. This creates a hazard, especially when taking a turn or when cornering. Thankfully, we have the option of blind-spot mirrors to reduce this risk. Blind-spot mirrors are convex mirrors that are curved outwards. This curved feature allows for a wider field of view towards the oncoming motorist. Attach the blind-spot mirrors to your side-view mirrors and watch how much bigger your field of view becomes.


Accidents are sometimes unavoidable. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take precaution. One of the ways we indemnify ourselves when on the road is to use a dashcam. Dashcams, dashboard cameras, or sometimes called car cameras to allow you to record your drive from the driver’s perspective. Dashcams are particularly useful when recording people who break the law. When making a police report on a reckless driver, the dashcam footage will come in handy as evidence. Not only that, but a dashcam also doubles as a security camera when your car is parked.

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