If you are an avid fan of rugby or if you play rugby, you would truly know how famous and reliable clothing pieces from Canterbury are. With product ranges that cover rugby shirts, rugby protective wear, and lifestyle clothing, you can most assuredly be in style both on and off the field. Check out the products we have below or you can click here to read more about the brand!

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CANTEBURY Malaysia: Committed to the Game

CANTERBURY Malaysia: Game. Commitment. Style.

The Canterbury brand name originates from the Canterbury area in New Zealand of which the first of the clothing goods were first knitted. Canterbury is a clothing line brand that focuses on the production and marketing of rugby football kits. Besides rugby kits, Canterbury also produces and markets lifestyle clothing aside protective rugby wear like headgears, pads, and rugby boots.

With a tagline of, “Committed To The Game”, you can feel he enthusiasm in how the brand wants to portray itself. Along with a logo that embodies the silhouettes of three Kiwi birds on three solid circular backgrounds that emits the letters CCC (initials of the Canterbury Clothing Company), the brand is well-known in the UK, especially for avid rugby fans and players alike.

Our Best Picks for CANTERBURY Clothing

You know when a sporting brand is doing well in the industry through the expansion to lifestyle clothing and items. Canterbury produces and markets rugby gear and kits, along with rugby protective wear, and lifestyle clothing. Here are our favorite picks of Canterbury clothing pieces:

Canterbury 2015-2016 Leinster Rugby Uglies Tee
The Leinster Rugby Team is one of the 4 professional provincial rugby teams from the island of Ireland. The Leinsters are the most successful Irish team both domestically and in the European competition. If you are an avid fan of the Leinster Rugby Team, then you should have this in your wardrobe and don it on whenever they are playing or simply wear it in pride. The Uglies t-shirt comes in blue color and has adult sizes from S to XXXL. You can get this for only RM96.75 from us!
Canterbury Long Sleeve Polo Shirt
If you’re opting to a more brand-focused piece of clothing rather than team-based, Canterbury has long sleeve shirts up for purchase. The one we love the most is the Blue Long Sleeved Striped Polo Shirt. It is made out of cotton and is decorated with the Canterbury logo on the front with a custom insignia embroidery as well. You can wear this on any casual day and look stylish and hip at the same time. You can get this polo shirt for only RM224.40 with us!
Canterbury Swimming Shorts
Planning to take a dip in the swimming pool but your swimming trunks reveal too much in the downstairs department? Canterbury has swimming shorts that just might be the perfect solution for that particular predicament. With a stretchable and adjustable waistband, you can be sure that your cannonball dives will not leave you short-less ever again. Coming in with different colors and patterns, choose to your heart’s content of which is your preferred and favorite for only RM172.30!
Canterbury 2015-2016 Ireland Alternate Pro Rugby Shirt
For all the Ireland Rugby Team fans, you can get their official away shirt for the 2015-2016 season right here for RM227.20. Upon purchase, you can customize the shirt to adorn the name of your favorite player or your own name! This IRFU Pro Shirt boasts a 3D injection moulded shamrock, providing an innovative and beautiful alternative to Ireland’s iconic rugby symbol. The shirt also features Vapodri technology that, simply-put, wipe away the sweat away from your skin. Canterbury’s signature loop neckline provides more comfort to those with large necks and large hearts for the Ireland Rugby Team! With the visible wax stamp hologram that depicts the high level of quality of the clothing and fabric, you can never go wrong with wearing this while you sing the Ireland Rugby team on.
Canterbury Phoenix Club 6 Stud Kids Rugby Boots
Proud fathers and older brothers can share their love for rugby and the New Zealand Rugby Team through the purchase of Canterbury’s Studded Rugby Boots for Kids. Made to be used on soft ground with the upper parts made out of texturized synthetic leather with a matt finish, this pair of shoes is easily lightweight with a soft feel, but made to be very durable! With 6 aluminum studs on the outsole that are reinforced to maintain durability and stability in the rear, midfoot, and the forefoot, you can rest easy that your son or little brother can walk effortlessly in them.

You can know for sure that when a sporting brand starts to expand its clothing business into the lifestyle clothing industry, it is doing very well in its core business. In March 2012, Canterbury had won the contract for the England Rugby Shirt from Nike. This was a big achievement for the brand and the company and in September 2012, Canterbury launched the new and improved England kit range. Canterbury is a big brand in the New Zealand and also in the world of rugby, both on and off the field.

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Happy Shopping!