Canada Goose Clothing

The outerwear brand choice for the Canadians

Founded in Toronto under the name, Metro Sportswear Ltd by a Polish immigrant, Sam Tick in 1957, the company has made its name, supplying outerwear clothing for police officers, park rangers and other public sector workers who spent most of the time outdoors in the Artic. When Sam Tick’s son-in-law, David Reiss joined the company in 1970, Reiss distributes Metro Sportswear products such as raincoats, snowmobile suits, wool vests and other practical outerwear in Europe. Reiss soon realizes that the people in Europe are enchanted and awed with Canadian images and loved the idea of items made in Canada. Thus, the name of the brand is changed to Snow Goose, specializing in down feather jackets.

58 years later, Reiss handed over the company to his son, Dani Reiss, the current president and CEO, who renamed the brand to Canada Goose to represent “Made in Canada” identity, and it is marketed as a line of functional down jackets, designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Canada Goose jackets are favorable by urbanites, attracted to its incredible warmth and the technology used and is beginning to achieve its status as a high-end fashion brand.

Each jacket produced at Canada Goose employs the best materials to deliver maximum warmth, maintaining the brand’s identity of protecting Canadians from the harshest weather conditions for generations. Today, Canada Goose is internationally recognized as the authentic, iconic and a Canadian extreme outerwear brand that is capable of enduring the harshest weather conditions in the world. Presently, Canada Goose jackets and parkas are available in over 40 countries globally and is currently expanding its products to other countries, such as China, Korea, Singapore, and Denmark, to name a few.

Materials used

Canada Goose pride themselves as the outerwear manufacturer that uses locally sourced natural materials to produce the jackets and parkas. In order to deliver maximum warmth, coyote fur is used around the hoods on the jackets. Coyote fur is used for a number of reasons: coyote fur is functional and provides warmth around your face, it doesn’t freeze, water resistant, retains heat and is biodegradable. The presence of coyote fur around the edges increases the thickness of the layer of air, which come in contact with your face, protecting your skin from the harsh, cold winds and therefore, it really reduces the heat losses to give you a maximum warmth.

For natural insulation, down feather is used. Down is the insulating feather of a mature dark goose that is light and incredibly warm. It has many tiny filaments that trapped air, so it creates insulation, eliminating moisture from the body, and retaining heat inside. In Canada Goose jackets and parkas, Canadian Hutterite Down is used as it is the most effective out of all the premium downs available. Hutterite down is tremendously dense, retaining warmer air than most other types of down. This allows Canada Goose to produce a lighter jacket that sacrifices little in terms of warmth.

The outerwear brand that quietly took over Hollywood fashion

With its durability of enduring the harshest weather conditions, Canada Goose has been the ultimate brand choice for Canadian Arctic researchers, Scandinavian mountaineers, and Alaskan dog-sliders for many years. Now, Canada Goose can be found on the shoulders of urbanities and A-list celebrities as the brand has successfully made a name for itself as a high-end fashion outerwear brand. Among the celebrity devotees are Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman, Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, Ansel Elgort and Jimmy Fallon, who dressed in style for a blizzard. Besides that, Canada Goose is the unofficial jacket provider for film crews as the brand has been spotted on film sets globally. In addition to that, Canada Goose is the proud official sponsor of the Toronto International Film Festival for three consecutive years.

So, whether it’s on the film sets, red carpet, or when urbanities and celebrities are out and about, Canada Goose know how to work a jacket and coat with cool class.

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