Instant cameras are cool. Among these come Polaroid cameras. Take pictures, print them out, and make lasting memories! Let’s look at 5 precious moments to have a Polaroid camera below.


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5 Precious moments to have your Polaroid camera

Do you know what’s awesome? Cameras that print photos instantly – they’re awesome! In today’s world of digital photography, we tend to take our photographs for granted. Printing new ones is so easy and we forget that memories can be in hard copy too. Thankfully, we have the benefit of instant cameras (also called Polaroid cameras) in Malaysia so we too can print photos with every click of the shutter.

The name ‘Polaroid camera’ came from the brand Polaroid. The company originally made personal instant cameras and marketed it to the world. As technology evolved, the need for printed photography declined and these cameras became scarce. But still, the instant camera is a gem to have when out and about. Let’s look at 5 precious moments to have your instant camera with you.


How can we forget our friends’ birthdays? Birthdays are celebrated in a grand manner in Malaysia. We cherish every year as we age gracefully. In the event of a birthday, we whip out our smartphones to capture the precious moments. But if you bring an instant camera with you, you make the memories tangent. You make the memory physical.


Just like big birthdays, weddings are moments to celebrate with your friends and loved ones. Precious moments to snap with your cameras. Whip out your Fujifilm Instax camera at the wedding and watch how you capture these iconic events. Shoot a few and give these shots as gifts to the bride and groom. You can do individual shots as well as group shots. Hand it to the official cameraman and you can get him/her to shoot at a professional angle.

Office parties

Office parties can get awkward. Especially if your boss is there, it may get a little weird. Thankfully you can look busy by taking photos with your instant camera. Bring your polaroid or Instax along and snap photos of your friend for instant evidence. After the party, feel free to stick the photos all over the office for added laughs. Remember to document the dates on the photo as some instant cameras don’t state the date. Your colleagues will definitely want a copy so be generous in taking photos of them.

Hiking trips

You may not take your valuables with you when going hiking. The polaroid camera is an exception though. Polaroid cameras can be taken with you on your outdoor adventures to snap instant photos of vivid scenery and epic landscapes. Get your hiking buddies together for a quick shoot and move on with your hike.

Food outings

Now we’ve come to the climax of instant camera action. This is what we live for – FOOD! Food outings are a must here in Malaysia. They’re part of our culture. Of course, we need to document our foodie adventures by snapping as many photos of our scrumptious meals as we can. Once again, grab your instant camera and shoot to your heart’s intent. Don’t forget to share the pictures. Save all your memories to memory cards!