If you are in the market for a camera with auto features, you may want to consider getting a point and shoot camera. Shop for the best point and shoot cameras in Malaysia from reputable brands like Canon and Panasonic below.

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4 Features You Should Look for in a Point and Shoot Camera

Point and shoot cameras are designed not only for starters but also for professionals. While they are seen as subpar compared to the DSLRs, point and shoot cameras have actually improved over the years as the digital camera industry is constantly innovating. If you are interested in getting into photography or just wanting to own a point and shoot camera, this is a good place to start. Here are 4 features you might want to look into in point and shoot cameras.

Image Stabilization

With image stabilization, blurring caused by low light, movement, and shaking is corrected. As to how this feature works, it often uses two methods: optical image stabilization (OIS) and sensor movement. OIS compensates if you’re moving or you’re in a moving vehicle, while sensor movement compensates if you are having a problem holding a camera still.

Lens Quality

In terms of lens selection, there are two types – fixed (prime) and zoom lenses. Fixed lenses like those from Canon Malaysia are usually well-calibrated and optimized, so you can expect better image quality. But on the downside, you will experience limitations when shooting, urging you to go nearer to the subject or move further away to compose the frame.

Meanwhile, zoom lenses are versatile, allowing you to zoom in and out without you having to move away or closer to your subject. However, they are not as sharp and not as wide aperture-wise as prime lenses.

Zoom Range

If you do cursory research on zoom lenses, you’ll eventually learn that they come in two types: optical and digital zoom. Optical zoom allows you to compose better-quality images, although it is bulkier. Digital zoom, on the other hand, offers images which are subpar compared to those produced by optical zoom. The result is similar to an edited image from a photo-editing software, cropping the edges of the picture and then enlarging the remaining parts.

LCD screen size and quality

If you want to compose better shots, it’s best to invest in a point-and-shoot camera with a large, premium-quality LCD screen, such as the Canon PowerShot ELPH 360. This way, you will get a better preview of your shots.

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