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Mirrorless Camera Filters Price in Malaysia for December, 2018

27 Products

Mirrorless cameras present us with a viable option for professional photography. They make visually stunning photos at the same time help you save money. Find all your favourite brands of mirrorless cameras in Malaysia right here on iprice. Read more here.

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Mirrorless cameras in Malaysia

So you’re looking for mirrorless cameras in Malaysia? Well if you own a smartphone, you already have a mirrorless camera. Yeah! Mirrorless cameras are so widely used, most of us are unaware we even use them. Mirrorless cameras, unlike DSLR cameras, don’t have mirrors in their image processing system. Want to get the best Mirrorless cameras sold in Malaysia? You’re in luck! Mirrorless cameras in Malaysia are now available at the best prices in the market. Just check out our range of products on iprice and you too can be on your way to professional photography. Find out more about Mirrorless cameras in Malaysia through the links below.

Mirrorless cameras vs DSLR cameras

First, let’s look at the similarities between the two categories of cameras. Both mirrorless cameras and DSLR cameras have crystal clear imaging (depending on specs) and come with similar casing shapes. Sensor sizes of both types of cameras are about the same size. All of the biggest camera brands in the market produce both types of cameras so you’ve got a world of choices.

Now we come to the contrasts between the two. Here are some ways mirrorless cameras differ from DSLR cameras:

  • Mirrorless cameras are lighter. DSLR cameras house many more components such as the mirror, which makes it heavier.
  • Mirrorless cameras have less buttons whereas DSLR cameras have more functions, thus more buttons.
  • DSLR models tend to have more lenses to choose from as opposed to mirrorless cameras.
  • DSLR cameras have bigger batteries so they last longer with more shots than mirrorless cameras.
  • DSLR cameras have optical viewfinders. Many mirrorless cameras don’t have this feature.
  • DSLR cameras shoot well in low light and tracking moving subjects. Mirrorless cameras outshines the DSLR during autofocus when shooting video.
  • Mirrorless cameras are also much quieter while the DSLR is significantly louder thanks to its mirror.

Now that you know about the differences and similarities between the two types of cameras, it’s imperative to also know which brands to deal with. On a whole, look out for brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Casio and Panasonic for the best in mirrorless cameras.

Mirrorless cameras online at iprice

Based on observation, the most popular colours for Mirrorless Cameras are White, Silver and Red. Price plays an important determining factor when it comes to purchasing a camera. At iprice, you’ll find discounts on Mirrorless Cameras up to 75%! Customers’ favourite Mirrorless Cameras are the A5100 Brown Mirrorless Camera 24.3MP with 16-50mm Lens (Malaysia Warranty), Multicolor Nylon Camera Hand Grip Wrist Strap for Canon Nikon Sony Pentax Compact Camera Mirrorless Camera (Red/Black) and Polka Mini Sailor Mirrorless Camera Cross Bag Blue One Size. Olympus, Fujifilm and Sony are all top brands for Mirrorless Cameras. Happy shopping!