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Epic Camera & Photographic Equipment in Malaysia

It’s time to get yourself some camera and photo equipment. If you’ve been thinking about it, just do it! Whether you are an amateur or a professional, photography is one hobby that can be made into a profession. As lucrative as the idea of photography and videography is, camera & photo equipment are often very expensive. Well, fret not! Today, you can get awesome camera equipment in Malaysia right here!

Choose from the DSLR cameras, compact cameras, action cameras as well as mirrorless cameras for still photography. If you want something fun, get Polaroid cameras or Instax cameras that you can whip out at events and social functions.

Videography is equally as important

Did you know that videos are equally as important as photos? Videography can be done hand-in-hand with photography. For videos, look out for the wide range of camcorders, drone cameras and underwater camera variants available online. You will be spoilt for choice with the variety laid before you. Video cameras also help to bump up your security in every way. Fix IP cameras, CCTVs or car dashboard cameras to record events that may protect you in the long run. A part of good detailing is to get these in your residences, offices and vehicles so you can record suspicious activity. Look out for added features of these cameras such as Wi-Fi connectivity and data logs.

Now that you know more about cameras and photographic equipment in Malaysia, it’s time to get shopping. Check out the huge variety of cameras with the selections below.

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When it comes to capturing epic pictures and videos with better clarity and detail, there is a lot of camera products that you can use in pursuing your passion. Read more about Camera & Photo Malaysia below to find out.

Prices updated on 21 Jun 2017

Camera & Photo Malaysia – Snapping Your Breathtaking Moments with Just a Click

Nowadays, cameras are becoming more ubiquitous than you think as many people have already seen cameras as necessity. This is pretty impressive considering the fact that the availability of smartphones means more people can enjoy the benefits of camera and phone at the same time. However, the cameras still have their roles when it comes to taking breathtaking photos and videos. Aside from that, there is also other types of cameras that you will need for surveillance and security purposes.

Top Camera Brands That You Check Out

Before going to buy cameras, it will be good to know some top camera brands as each of them is going to exhibit its own unique selling points which will dictate your experience. Not just that, some of these brands bring their own proprietary innovations to the game. Among the top camera brands that boast large inventory of exceptional cameras are Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax and Sony. There is a good reason behind their popularities as they are able to bring highly innovative features which make the real difference in terms of performance, precision and user experience.

Types of Cameras

DSLR Cameras

This type of cameras have became more well-known in recent years as they attract more photo enthusiasts. Basically, DSLR cameras or also known as digital single-lens reflex cameras can best described as single-lens reflex cameras that come with digital imaging sensor. When being compared to their compact camera cousins, the DSLR cameras offer more fluid performance that is essential for the kind of photography which involves action, sport, wildlife and others.

Action Cameras

Essentially, the action cameras are actually specialized version of camcorders that capture your epic action up-close. Not only that, they can be mounted to almost anything so that you can get an unique action video perspective. Furthermore, they are usually durable designs that withstand heavier punishments. In fact, the action cameras have emerged as the main rivals to camcorders.

Polaroid Cameras

The polaroid cameras or instant cameras are still going strong in this digital age as this impressively vintage tradition of watching the development of your camera shots into a breathtaking pictures. As a matter of fact, there is some kind of satisfaction that you can enjoy in capturing and getting your photos in an old-fashioned way.

Mirrorless Cameras

Eliminating the mirror between the camera lenses and sensor, the mirrorless cameras have became more popular than every since they are available in compact sizes. Smaller, lighter and simpler, these qualities are the reasons of why mirrorless cameras are on the rise today.

Compact Cameras

As an amazing alternative to both DSLR and mirrorless cameras, the compact cameras are more than just glorified point and shoot cameras. Outfitted with highly advanced features, these compact cameras have been given the ability to compete with major camera types.

Car Cameras

For better safety and more convenient during driving, the car cameras are your handy option in recording how an accident occurs so everyone can get the complete picture of the whole situation. Not only that, the car cameras are definitely one of the popular options to record your road trip and other escapades.

CCTV Cameras

Acting as your sentry that watches your home or property without fail, the CCTV cameras can record any events that might happen in your doorsteps or backyard effortlessly. These incredible CCTV cameras are what makes you to sleep better at night with the peace of mind.

Drone Cameras

Thanks to the drone cameras, the future has finally arrived. As the best tools in aerial photography, the drone cameras can give birds'-eyes view which proves to be useful in many different areas.


The humble camcorders still have their uses when it comes to recording gorgeous videos that define the moment. Incredibly, these camcorders are getting better as they boast highly advanced features.

IP Cameras

Similar to CCTV in terms of usage and purpose, the IP cameras are one of the cheaper options available for you to guard your property. Utilizing the power of Internet, they can be viewed from any devices that boast Internet connectivity.

Underwater Cameras

Designed exclusively to take pictures and videos in underwater, these waterproof underwater cameras are your best tool for this particular task. In addition, they are also tough as they can withstand impact and pressure.

Accessories For Your Camera & Photo Malaysia

Aside from the highly advanced cameras that bring creativity to life, you will definitely need these accessories to achiever greater heights of creativity. From simple memory cards to the highly precise camera lenses, there is just a lot of things that you need in making your picture to be complete.

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  • Camera Lenses
  • Camera Flashes
  • Memory Cards
  • Camera Filters

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