Bring out your playful seduction with Calvin Klein perfumes. Made from a selection of nature’s best fragrant oils, these CK perfumes will give you the best scent to compliment your natural body smells.


Top 3 Calvin Klein Perfumes in Malaysia

Calvin Klein – the bold American-style fashion icon with the classic minimalist design brings freedom of expression to its perfume line. Playing with the big boys in the world of fragrances, Calvin Klein perfumes (more often known as CK perfumes) are now here in Malaysia to tantalize your sense of smell.

Launched in 1981, the Calvin Klein perfume line is one that brought the brand to the peak of fame around the world. CK fragrances have created a fresh new look that changed the art of perfuming tradition. The birth of each perfume CK One, Ck Euphoria, Ck Eternity has left a deep impression on the love for perfumes.

CK One

As one of Calvin Klein's iconic fragrances, CK One is derived from natural ingredients such as roses, South African orchids, lavender, violet, musk, and amber. In the midst of a trend of chic perfume in 1994, the appearance of CK One with its pure, soft, floral fragrances quickly filled the emotions of young fashion followers. Equally seductive for both sexes, the series has sparked an immense following across the world. The beauty of Calvin Klein One is its unisex characteristics. Whether you’re husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, boyfriend and boyfriend, or girlfriend and girlfriend, CK One is the perfect option for any couple.

CK Eternity

Derived from the inspiration of eternal love, Eternity is a wonderful combination of romance, excitement, and charisma. Eternity for women features a feminine sweet fragrance from a blend of lychees, peony, and cashmere. Don’t be fooled though, CK Eternity is equally passionate for men. Ck Eternity’s strong masculinity for men comes from the combination of ginger, anise, patchouli, wood, and cedar leaves. CK Eternity fragrance is perfect for your all-day-long fragrance. It makes you more confident with a steady dissipation of scent for more than 8 hours. CK Eternity’s aroma longevity is what makes it appealing to users.

CK Euphoria

The first thing you notice about CK Euphoria is its packaging. CK Euphoria’s bottle design features a glass vase that combines exquisite metallic silver with modern and delicate flower buds. A euphoric floral scent is the result of a harmonious combination of fruit aromas and natural flowers and woods, offering an unforgettable fragrance. CK Euphoria is the perfect choice for trendy girls who love freedom and love to conquer the challenges of life.

In a nutshell, choose your favourite Calvin Klein fragrance for every occasion, such as CK One for work or play, CK Eternity for the big occasions, or the mysterious CK Euphoria for formal events. You’re your favourite Calvin Klein perfumes online such as Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette along with other CK products such as clothing and fashion accessories, watches, glasses, handbags good price at iPrice. Combine all your Calvin Klein fashion to create the perfect ensemble for a night out.