Calvin Klein is a name synonymous with fashion and unique designs. Now with its latest line-up of handbags, you have unlimited choices. Below are some Calvin Klein bags you might want to try out.

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4 Types of Calvin Klein Bags You Must Check Out!

Calvin Klein – a name that needs no introduction in the world of fashion, brings a stunning line of bags and accessories to your wardrobe. Combining the art of premium fashion along with u quality is what makes CK products worth every penny. Here in Malaysia, we are blessed to have access to Calvin Klein’s most prized bag collections. Here are some you might be interested in.

Calvin Klein Black Handbag

Simple and functional – that is the idea behind the signature Black Handbag from CK. This simple, stylish fabric bag comes can be used as a sling bag as well as a hand-held. Suitable for you who want to look casual but still stylish. Synthetic techno fabrics woven into its design allow for easy compartmentalizing of all your belongings. Perfect as a middle-sized carry bag, the CK Black Handbag brings all your necessities when out and about

CK Mini Shoulder Bag with Faded Coral Studding

Alright ladies, time to get some bling. The Mini Shoulder Bag with Faded Coral Studding from Calvin Klein is a sweet little accessory to bring with you. When shouldered, it exudes a feminine touch thanks to its soft pink colour. Iron studs become the ultimate decoration on the front and add a modern impression on this bag. In addition, the length of the strap can be customised to your convenience.

CK Men's Backpack

Made from canvas with synthetic leather details, the Calvin Klein Ethan Backpack brings out a masculine and elegant look. It’s no wonder that this bag is a favourite among Calvin Klein’s male consumer demographics. The bag’s compartment is large with some inside pockets and zippers on the outside. Used to the office or streets, this backpack will bring you to heights of stylish flare.

You may think that these are vaguely simple bags to have in the CK line-up. Fret not. You can find all sorts of Calvin Klein bag varieties such as clutch bags, sling bags and tote bags in different sizes and colours! For formal events, smart casual dressing or simply casual whip out your Calvin Klein bag for a fashionable look.

Calvin Klein Purses and Wallets

Calvin Klein's collection of purses and wallets includes backpacks, purses, travel bags, and luggage. The designs are simple and elegant, using striking colours and intriguing contrasts. It’s all the styling without the fuss. Some examples of purses and wallets from CK are the Robyn Backpack, Calvin Klein Northport Wheeled Duffel Bag and Calvin Klein Wheeled luggage.

Variations of style

For other bags and accessories, you have unlimited choices such as Calvin Klein’s Bucket Drawstring Bag with Chunky Zip. This bag is the ultimate definition of cool and funky, with a giant zipper on the front of the bag made of synthetic leather. This variant brings a unique taste and is suitable for you who like metal style, rock or street style.

Ultimately, Calvin Klein is a name that brings all your bag and carry-on fashion in one glance. You won’t have to look elsewhere to find what you are looking for. Simply shop for CK products here on iPrice and you’ve got what you need.