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A majority of women in Malaysia are Muslims. With their rich faith, culture, and tradition, more and more people are opening up to the concept of the religion's preferred clothing, especially for women. Taking you on a fashionable journey, Calacara Malaysia brings you a great selection of clothes such as tops, pants, dresses, and so much more! Check out their collection below or read more about the brand.

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Calacara Malaysia - Different Types of Clothing for Muslim Women

Ever since Indonesian designer Anniesa Hasibuan debuted her Muslimah fashion collection in New York Fashion Week, everybody has been talking about it. More and more Muslim women are now embracing their fashionable side as seen in many catwalks and on social media today. This exciting new approach to high fashion has proved that you can cover a woman's body but never her confidence and charm.

What is Muslimah Fashion for Women?

In contrary to popular belief, Muslim women have two dress codes: one in public, and one in private. As a requirement for their faith, Muslim women wear veils to cover their hair and sometimes their faces, their feminine features, and to dress modestly. While in private, they can wear western-style clothing which a lot of big brands have recognized for quite some time.

From the concept of modesty in public, Calacara Malaysia has created a great selection of Muslimah fashion for women. Surrounded by elegance, comfort, and flexibility, the brand caters to you and the needs of your faith. Be gorgeous and unique with Caracal's exciting collections of clothes made for a Muslim woman's modesty.

Types of Clothing for Muslimah Women

Another stereotype about Muslimah fashion for women are the many types of clothes they wear. With the popularity of big Muslim fashion designers and brands such as Calacara Malaysia, many Muslim women can now enjoy the acceptance and openness of fashion without compromising their faith. Aside from their traditional clothing Buju Kurung, a Niqab, or a Burqa, Muslim women can also wear several tops, pants, skirts, and dresses that would still cover their Awrah or intimate body parts from the ankles to the wrist, their hair, and neck.


An icon of a Muslim woman's faith, a hijab or a headscarf is a garment worn by many Muslim women in public to cover their hair and neck. A hijab can vary in a great number of styles depending on how it is wrapped around the head plus it can also sport a great selection of patterns, colors, and even textures. There are many ways you can style a hijab aside from choosing a color, you can also add volumes and ruffles.

Long Sleeve Tops and Blouses

Muslim fashion is not limited to a one-piece dress or a jumpsuit, but a variety of tops and blouses, provided that it covers the arms, the neck, their feminine silhouette, and bosom. There are a lot of ways to make your top stand out in Muslimah fashion such as matching it to your Hijab, your accessories, and like the head-scarf, ruffles, folds, and even pleats are a great way to add character to your outfit.

Kimono Outerwear

Making a great statement in Muslimah fashion, a Kimono is growing more and more popular. As a form of outerwear, a Kimono is like a cardigan that can vary in length. However, longer kimonos have always been preferred because of its ethereal appeal. If you want to add power and grace to your Muslimah outfit, a Kimono would certainly do the job.


Paired with your favorite long-sleeved blouse or top, pants can also make a statement in your Muslimah outfit. Palazzo pants are growing more popular as well as culottes are now making a huge statement in fashion. Not only does it provide coverage, it is also comfortable and breathable, perfect for the Southeast Asian weather.


Another type of garment that you can pair with your top, skirts - particularly maxi skirts provide Muslim women with coverage as well as making their look more feminine. Skirts for Muslimah women can range in a variety of styles, desgins, and fabrics but are always at floor or ankle length. Pair this with a kimono or match it with your hijab and your Muslimah outfit could slay the patriarchy!


If you are unsure about what top or bottom to wear for your Muslimah outfit, then why not go with a dress? Like the skirt, Muslimah women can only wear maxi dresses with long sleeves. This garment is absolutely fabulous and convenient, especially if you don't know what to wear.

Giving Muslim women access to fashion, Calacara Malaysia has a great selection of garments from different hijabs, tops, dresses, pants, and skirts! You ca be fabulous while still maintaining your modesty and your promise to your faith. Pull off a decent outfit, snap your #OOTD, and always be confident with Calacara Malaysia!