A home is never complete without electrical appliances. With Butterfly electrical home appliances, you can now make your life easier. Here at iprice Malaysia, we offer you a wide range of Butterfly electrical appliances for great values. Click here to find out more.


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Butterfly BEO-5246 RM 349.00 Shopee
Butterfly B-592 RM 355.00 Shopee
Butterfly BTG-2L RM 183.00 Shopee
Butterfly BG-2K RM 299.00 Lazada
Butterfly BEO-5229 RM 208.00 Shopee
Butterfly BGC-933 RM 159.80 Shopee
Butterfly BEO-5238 RM 285.00 Shopee
Butterfly BPC-28A RM 72.90 Shopee
Butterfly BGC-923 RM 175.00 Shopee
Butterfly BSM-4355 RM 415.00 Lazada
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Butterfly BEO-5246

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Butterfly Malaysia: Safe and Efficient Electrical Home Appliances

If only you could travel back to Stone Age with a time machine, you would realise how hard life can be. Imagine making your own fire out of stones and twigs and imagine taking your shower with icy cold water. Yes, life can be pretty twisted if you do not have the marvellous creation of electrical home appliances. Try going one day without your electrical appliances. Only then you would know that electrical home appliances do make huge amount of difference in our life. They do not only improvise our life tremendously but also keep us comfortable and carefree.

About Butterfly Malaysia

Butterfly was founded by the Lea Hin Group in 1935.This sole proprietor began its journey as a company that dealt with pressure oil tanks and burners, kerosene stoves and pressure lanterns. As Butterfly continued to venture into the market of kerosene based products such as LPG Gas Cooker and Cast Iron Burners, it gained success. It eventually became a well-known household brand in the local as well as in the international market.

Currently headquartered in Singapore, Lea Hin Group has expanded its market of superior quality products to China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Myanmar. With the dedicated and experienced workers that make it a point to serve the customers’ needs, Butterfly is definitely here to stay as the ultimate electrical home and cooking appliances manufacturer.

Butterfly Malaysia: Why Do You Need To Choose Butterfly

There are many brands in the market today that offer you electrical and cooking appliances. However, Butterfly stands out from the rest because it grants you quality life with its quality products. Read more if you want to know the uniqueness of Butterfly.

  • The electrical appliances from Butterfly are all registered under the trade mark “FARFALLA”. Thus, if you need replacement for your spoilt electrical appliance, do not worry as Butterfly provides warranty.
  • Butterfly constantly collaborates with top international factories that specialized in this field. The aim is to ensure the customers are given the best and high quality electrical appliances with the incorporation of the latest technology.
  • If you find Butterfly cooking and home appliances to be amazing, well you can come out your comfort zone and try out the other great products from Butterfly such as door frames and fabrication of aluminium window.

Butterfly Malaysia: A Complete Range Of Home & Cooking Electrical Appliances

Butterfly is not just restricted to one of two items. Believe us when we say Butterfly completes your home. With this complete range of products from Butterfly you might not need to hunt for your items from stores to stores ever again.


  • Fan
  • Hair Dryer
  • Iron
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Washing Machine

Cooking Ranges

  • Air Fryer
  • Electric Kettle
  • Multi-Function Mini Cooker
  • Blender & Juice Extractor
  • Cooker Hood
  • Food Steamer
  • Hot Plate
  • Induction/Infrared Cooker
  • Jug Kettle
  • Mixer
  • Oven
  • Pressure Cooker
  • Rice Cooker
  • Slow Cooker
  • Thermo Pot
  • Toaster

Commercial Ranges

  • Blender
  • Chest Freezer
  • Gas Rice Cooker
  • Impulse Sealer
  • Rice Warmer
  • Showcase Freezer
  • Soup Warmer
  • Water Boiler

Gas Products

  • Build-In Hob
  • Cast Iron Stove
  • Double Gas Stove
  • Portable Gas Stove
  • Single Gas Stove
  • Triple Gas Stove

Kerosene Product

  • Pressure Lantern

Butterfly Malaysia: Keeping Your Family And Home Safe

Home and cooking electrical appliances can be harmful to your family if you do not know how to take care of them. Here are some tips for you to manage your electrical appliances safely. Butterfly believes that a safe home is a happy home.

  • If you notice that your electrical cords are damages or exposed, please dispose them and replace them with new cords. Exposed wires can cause electrical shock if you touch them accidentally while the power is switched on
  • Do not bring your electrical appliances anywhere near water. Water can cause electrical shock as well. Always handle your electrical appliances with dry hands and avoid keeping them in wet areas.
  • Do not use extension cords for more than one purpose. Ensure that your extension cords do not run through your halls and doorways. Most importantly do not place your extension cords under the carpet as this can cause difficulties for heat to escape and eventually the wires will be on fire.
  • Keep away your cooking appliances when you do not use them. Ensure that they are kept in a high place where your children could not reach them. Besides that, turn the handles of your pots away from the front of the stove to avoid your children from grabbing the hot handles.

Buy Butterfly Home & Cooking Electrical Appliances Now

Home and cooking electrical appliances are essential for your home and family to live a quality life. Butterfly is all you need when it comes to fulfilling your need in the electrical appliances department. With easy and hassle-free iprice Malaysia online store, your safe and efficient electrical appliances are just a click away. Have fun shopping!