Buncho Malaysia has been adding vibrant colours into the lives of many Malaysian children for the past 25 years. Known for their stationery, especially colouring tools such as crayons, watercolours, and oil pastels, Buncho Malaysia is every child’s favourite craft accessories. Learn more about Buncho Malaysia and the wide array of artwork that you can work on with their diverse inventory of colouring tools below.


Simple Artwork Projects that You Can Create with Buncho Malaysia

Being a company that specialises in stationery means that Buncho Malaysia has played a part in developing the artistic skills of Malaysians since their younger days. From ball-point pens to watercolours, Buncho Malaysia’s stationery are easily found in bookstores and stationery shops nationwide. Being easily accessible means they are ideal tools for you as parents to fill up your child’s leisure time beneficially – by introducing them to the world of art. Exposing your children to art since young brings countless advantages to them, especially in terms of their physical, mental, and emotional development. Who knows, your child might have a hidden artistic talent has yet to be discovered!

Why You Should Expose Your Child to the Arts at a Young Age

Art is more than just merely drawing and colouring. It requires individuals to exercise their creativity and imagination to create their artwork. By letting your children work on simple art projects at a young age, you are allowing them to develop their mental skills, in terms of imagination and creative thinking. Art also enables them to observe the world and to be more curious about how things work. Having an inquisitive mind from young will ensure that they are always thirsty for knowledge and have a willingness to learn.

As parents, you should encourage them by appreciating their “masterpieces” – hanging them around the house, uploading their work onto social networking sites, compiling them into an album, et cetera. These simple actions will indirectly improve their self-esteem and confidence, which are also important traits that should be instilled since young. As parents, you can also enjoy some quality parent-child bonding time by creating simple art projects together, which are vital ingredients for a child’s healthy upbringing.

Easy Do-It-Yourself Art that Your Children Can Do

Art need not be elaborate or extravagant to be appreciated; simplistic and easy-to-do artwork are also equally appealing. There are simple art projects that you can teach your child to do which they can eventually work on their own afterwards. Some of the art projects that you can engage your child with are as described below:

Greeting Cards

What better way to get your child into the festive spirit than designing simple festive-themed greeting cards? All she needs are Buncho Malaysia’s stationery and she can get started on her artwork. for example, you can print out a Christmas greeting card template with only the outline and asks her to colour in the elements. Otherwise, you can also ask them to just follow their understanding of Christmas, then draw and colour the elements accordingly. Greeting cards are a fun way for children to understand a festival better as well.


Another simple do-it-yourself art project that your child can work on with their Buncho Malaysia stationery are bookmarks. Bookmarks are usually thin and colourful, so creating a bookmark will require your child to pay more concentration and be more delicate when crafting them. To make things more interesting, you can give them a small challenge by telling them to craft the bookmark based on the storybook that they are currently reading. This enables you as a parent to gauge their level of understanding based on what they interpret via the drawings. Another benefit of creating bookmarks is that you can indirectly encourage them to read more books as well!

Colouring Books

There are many colouring books that you can get for your children easily from bookstores and stationery shops in Malaysia. Colouring books are one of the most versatile art materials because you can use Buncho’scolour pencils, crayons, oil pastels, and water colours on them. Most colouring books already have pictures in them that are yet to be coloured. When your children work on colouring the pictures in the books, you can make it for fun and challenging for them by assigning a simple task of keeping their colours within the pre-drawn outline. If they manage to do that, then they will have a reward awaiting them – be it their favourite snack, or a new toy. Doing this makes your children to be more meticulous and careful when they are completing their artwork.

Variety of Stationery and Art Tools by Buncho Malaysia

Buncho Malaysia has a wide selection of stationery and colouring tools for you to get for your children. Buncho Malaysia is most known for their oil pastels, crayons, and water-colours, but they also have a wide range of other stationery such as ball-point pens, highlighters, and mechanical pencils.

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