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Bumble Bee Malaysia – Reasons to use latex mattresses

Many products that are featured on the online store are made from organic and Paraben-free materials, especially latex. Latex is becoming a hot item when it comes to bedding. The traditional innerspring mattresses are slowly becoming obsolete as the top layers of a bed are being replaced with latex materials. Below are a few reasons you should throw your old mattress out and start utilizing a latex mattress.

Safe for health

Many people are opting for a ‘green’ alternative when it comes to beddings. This is because; it is very safe and healthy to sleep on as it composes of all-natural ingredients. Beddings that are made with other materials may be gassing off any unnatural substance into the bedroom such as toxic chemicals which are not only harmful to the environment but to one’s health as well. Imagine not knowing that your body is being affected by unsafe chemicals from your bed after sleeping on it for many years. These chemicals are linked to many diseases such as cancer, immunotoxicity, and reproductive toxicity. Furthermore, latex is a very interesting material because it does not attract organisms such as dust mites, bacteria, and fungus and at the same time being resistant to mold. Other than being a hypoallergenic product, it is great for people who suffer from health problems such as joint and back pain, especially for senior citizens. Due to its firmness, comfortability, and support, it is a great attribution to pain relief.

Safe for the environment

It is a fact that there is no ‘greener’ mattress than a mattress that is made with all-natural latex. A major advantage is that it is eco-friendly. The raw materials are derived from the plantations in a safe and friendly way from the rubber trees. Typically, the rubber trees have an economic lifespan of between 10 to 20 years, but attaining the materials through this friendly method, the trees may live up to 30 years or more. However, customers should be aware of beddings made of synthetic latex which is derived from plants and not from chemical means. Chemicals used in the production of artificial and synthetic latex, in turn, will have horrible impacts on the environment. However, the chemicals used to create natural latex will not be a source of pollution. In addition, latex is biodegradable and a durable material that helps to reduce consumption and waste.

Better sleep

A natural latex mattress will ensure you a good night’s rest. Part of sleeping better is due to the temperature factors in the bedroom because people tend to sleep better in cooler conditions. Like with a mattress made of latex, the heat can be dissipated through the mattress and away from the body leaving you to sleep comfortably. Moreover, due to its buoyant and highly elastic qualities, it allows you to easily roll around which prevents disruption of natural sleep patterns. Another quality associated with this type of mattress is the motion isolation. This is especially beneficial for people sleeping with a partner because when one partner rolls over or tosses and turns on the bed, the movement is barely noticeable.

Other advantages of latex mattresses

Not just with mattresses, other products that are made of this material are highly durable. Latex mattresses have a propensity to outlast other types of mattresses from anywhere between 2 to 7 years and providing an average of 10 to 12 years of comfort. It would be an uncomfortable experience to sleep on a mattress with a strong smell, because not only does it disrupt your sleep but you may wake up smelling like your mattress. For latex mattresses, it does not give out a smell which is especially beneficial for people who are prone to being more sensitive to smells.

Get the best latex mattresses for your baby with Bumble Bee online store in Malaysia

Babies need an average of 12 to 14 hours of sleep per day so it’s best to consider the materials they are sleeping on. With Bumble Bee latex mattresses and pillows, you will be certain that your baby will be having a good sleep throughout the night. Babies tend to wiggle a lot when they sleep, so it is best to invest in a latex mattress that will prevent any suffocation and minimize the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, respiratory-related illnesses, and allergies.