If you are looking for comfy clothing that looks fashionable, then Bum Equipment is the right brand for you! Evolving from sportswear to street style, Bum Equipment offers all kinds of fashion wear items that would be perfect for you. Click here to learn more about the brand or scroll down to browse through our array of Bum Equipment products.


Bum Equipment Malaysia: From Sports to Street Fashion

Bum Equipment Malaysia: Overcoming All Obstacles

The story of Bum Equipment (also known as B.U.M. Equipment) is anything but simple. The brand was first born in a Seattle garage in year 1986 before it was bought over by Chauvin International, Ltd. (a manufacturing company). In spite of the brand achieving success and recognition in the market place, the brand faced financial difficulties and filed for bankruptcy in 1996. In 1997, the brand started anew under a new management and new company name: BUM Equipment LLC.

Bum Equipment Malaysia: A New Style For You!

When Bum Equipment first started out, its products were mostly casual sportswear-related items that were designed for men, women and children. Under its new image, Bum Equipment's style could be described as more street-styled with products ranging from clothes and footwear to bags and eye wear. The brand's fashion lines mostly caters to men and women.

The brand's street style appeals mostly to the younger crowd, which is perfect as the brand aims to empower the youth of today with the products that they manufacture. Other than providing stylish clothing that would appeal to their customers, Bum Equipment also ensures that their clothing is comfortable to wear, giving their wearer a chance to express themselves in the most stylishly comfortable way possible.

We have chosen a few products from Bum Equipment that we feel may be of interest to you:

  • Bum Equipment Black Army Grey Sling Bag: Add a touch of edginess to your outfit with this cool sling bag! It is big enough to hold all your important items (handphone, wallet, external battery pack, etc.) without feeling like a bother. Its colour scheme (black and white) makes it easy to make with most outfits.
  • Bum Equipment Black Army Hoodie Sweatshirt for Men: Available in either green or red, this sweatshirt is the perfect addition to a man's wardrobe. Not only is it the perfect add-on to your outfit for casual days out with friends, but it is also great to wear to concerts and get your rock spirit on!
  • Bum Equipment Highly Stretch Jeans for Women: Blue jeans is so old and normal. Go for something different that will stand out and still remain versatile with Bum Equipment's Highly Stretch Jeans! This jeans is available in 3 versatile colours: Dark Blue, Gray and Black. Its simple colour and design makes the jeans easy to match with other items from your wardrobe while the stretchy material makes the jeans super comfortable to wear.
  • Bum Equipment Black Army Polo Shirt for Men: Wanna look cool and feel comfortable at the same time? Then these polo shirts are your answer! The polo shirts are available in 4 different designs that all look cool and unique. The material used to make the polo shirt ensures that you would feel comfortable while wearing it regardless of where you are.
  • Bum Equipment Urban Utility Chic Stripes Tee for Women: Whoever said that t-shirts have to look so boringly normal and is only suites for men? With these tees from Bum Equipment, you would look stylishly chic and fierce enough to pounce on a runway and strut your stuff! The tees are available in 3 different designs that are versatile and perfect for dates and shopping trips to the mall with your besties.

Bum Equipment Malaysia: On Screen Appearance

In 2012, Bum Equipment announced that it would be participating in a gifting suite that is part of the 14th season of popular American dance competition TV show, Dancing with the Stars. In a way, this participation ensured that Bum Equipment would be able to get more recognition and exposure as contestants and the coaches would wear Bum Equipment products during their practice sessions. Other than exposure through product placements, Bum Equipment's participation was also made public via social media campaigns that occurred on Twitter and Facebook.

Bum Equipment Malaysia: Partying with the Stars

If you think that Bum Equipment is just a small brand that would not gain much recognition from celebrities, then you had better think again. The brand's street style is a hit among rapper Theophilus London and world-renowned singer and songwriter Rihanna. Both celebrities were spotted wearing Bum Equipment clothing at separate occasions.

With Bum Equipment gearing up for a re-launch in 2016, interest in the brand has grown and hopefully more influential celebrities will be seen in the brand.

Bum Equipment Malaysia: For Fashion and Comfort

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