Buffalo produces many reliable, yet affordable products that enhance your overall computing experience. From network attached storage systems to external hard drives, Buffalo Malaysia is more than capable of fulfilling your storage needs. With Buffalo Malaysia, you will no longer receive notifications about having insufficient storage. Find out more about the vast range of Buffalo Malaysia's products below!

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Different Ways to Store Data with Buffalo Malaysia

Do you often find yourself running out of digital storage? Living in this digital era where so much information is disseminated digitally, having sufficient space to store important content is more important than ever. As a global manufacturer of innovative storage, multimedia and wireless networking products for both home and small businesses, Buffalo Malaysia is being regarded as the number one PC peripheral manufacturer in Japan and reigns as the top market leader in worldwide network-attached storage consumer for six years in a row. Buffalo products are popular amongst Malaysians because they are designed to address the needs of individuals and businesses as well as providing cost-effective solutions.

Besides that, Buffalo Malaysia’s portable and desktop hard drives, multimedia players, network-attached storage, wireless LAN routers, and USB flash drives offer an integrated and complete answer to support your home and small businesses. Truly, Buffalo believes that consumers have the right to enjoy great products, performances. and services at unbeatable prices!

Here are some noteworthy products provided by Buffalo Malaysia:

Buffalo Network Attached Storage Systems

When you need secure and reliable centralised storage and backup solutions for your own home or small office, Buffalo Malaysia offers the LinkStation and TeraStation to address your needs specifically. These networks attached storage and personal cloud devices enable you to share files easily and back several PC and Mac computer effortlessly on your own home network. Moreover, you can set them up as your PS3 media server to stream your favourite movies and music or store, manage and protect your most important or confidential business assets. Both the LinkStation and TeraStation systems are said to be secure and cost-effective solutions when it comes to shared storage and backup solutions.

Buffalo LinkStation

Recommended for your own home and small offices, Buffalo LinkStation network attached storage device has awesome capabilities such as simultaneously sharing digital assets, multimedia files and documents as well as having great features like DLNA media streaming and PS3 media server functionality. You will find Buffalo LinkStation to be safe, secure, and reliable as it has advanced data protection technologies and large capacity for handling vast data. Additionally, the availability of RAID support and various capacities and configurations means that Buffalo LinkStation can be easily tailored to suit your own unique needs.

Buffalo TeraStation

The Buffalo TeraStation is the premier network attached storage and iSCSI unified storage solution that is made to meet the demanding needs of your growing business. Suitable to be used for big businesses, Buffalo TeraStation enables you to deploy a simple and straightforward solution in your own home or office. Besides featuring a sleek yet robust design, it also comes with advanced fault tolerant data solutions, robust file security and Gigabit Ethernet networking for greater and superior performance. Moreover, it is ultra-silent while operating so that it will not cause any annoying and unnecessary distractions that might affect your productivity. Such noiseless performance is achieved with smart layout design.

Buffalo Portable Hard Drives

The Buffalo MiniStation portable hard drive series presents a fast and convenient way to store, back up, and transport vast amounts of data at transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps for USB 2.0, 5 Gbps for USB 3.0 portable external storage, and 10 Gbps for Thunderbolt models. The Buffalo MiniStation series is your perfect backup system as it contains key data protection features such hardware encryption and shock resistance as extra security measures to prevent unauthorised parties from accessing your confidential data.

Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt

Featuring the new revolutionary Thunderbolt interface feature, Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt is your high-performance portable storage and backup that allows for unparalleled and unmatched transfer speeds. In other words, this easy plug-and-play storage device offers one of the fastest connection interfaces available in the market today. This also means that Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt is ideal and recommended for creative professionals and multimedia enthusiasts who constantly handle vast amounts of data at work. Pre-formatted for Mac, Mac users can access the Time Machine support which offers scheduled automatic backups to protect important information stored in Mac computers. Complete data backup for your PC or Mac has never been this efficient!

Buffalo MiniStation Air

As a wireless mobile storage, the Buffalo MiniStation Air allows you to carry and wirelessly stream your favourite content to up to 8 Android and Apple devices. You can transform it to be a wireless hotspot by connecting to an existing wireless network that allows for shared internet access with multiple devices. This amazing Buffalo product can double as a portable battery charger for your smartphone and you can more than just one reason to bring this ultra-versatile device wherever you go! Its sleek and compact design makes it extremely convenient and fun to be brought around.

Buffalo MiniStation NFC

Strong, rugged and secured, the Buffalo MiniStation NFC can be perfectly described as a tank as it comes with military grade protection against shock, dust, and water. Not only that, the built-in NFC technology allows you to unlock and access files on your hard drive by using the included smart card without having to remember a password. At the same time, the NFC technology keeps your valuable data safe and secured. Ever handy, you do no need to worry about losing your cable as this tough tank here comes with its own integrated flexible USB cable.