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Top Brother Price List 2021

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Brother MFC-J995DW RM 1,190.61 Amazon
Brother HL-1110 RM 238.00 Lazada
Brother HL-1210W RM 399.00 Atoz
Brother DCP1610W RM 599.00 Shopee
Brother MFC-L2700D RM 749.99 Lazada
Brother DCP-1610W Laser Printer RM 499.99 Lazada
Brother MFC-L3750CDW RM 429.00 Lazada
Brother FAX-2840 RM 665.00 Lazada
Brother TN-2280 RM 113.00 Lazada
Brother DCP-L2550DW Laser Printer RM 789.00 Lazada
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Brother Brother MFC-J995DW

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7 Tips for Getting the Best Out of your Brother Printer

Printers are of those devices that are often ignored until they run out of ink. Once the tanks are replaced, many people don’t think about them for another few months. If you want to keep your printer in mint condition to extend its life and provide the best performance, here are tips to get you started.

Avoid clogs with a humidifier

Inkjet printers have nozzles which can produce clogs. This happens if you live in an area where there is low humidity. If you live in such area and you’re experiencing issues with clogging nozzles, you can remedy it by having a humidifier in the room where you keep your printer. On the other hand, if you do not live in a humid area whilst having clogs, you’ll most likely need to change the cartridge. Once done, consider printing a page or two once every few days to make sure you won’t experience clogs.

Fix smearing

If you are using a Brother inkjet printer and you see smears on the printouts, those are caused by an object protruding in the printhead. Meanwhile, if your printer comes with nozzles and you see smearing right after replacing the cartridge, then take it out and make sure to remove the tape over the nozzle. If the tape is still attached, get rid of it; just don’t touch the nozzle plate.

Print in the proper order

Brother laser printers in Malaysia produce pages that come out face down. If you print multi-page documents with it, you will see the pages are in the right order when you turn over the stack. Meanwhile, inkjet printers print pages face up, which typically puts the first page on the bottom of the stack; therefore, you need to reorder the pages. But other variants of inkjets come with a default setting that reverses the print order, which allows the last page to be printed first and the first page to be printed last. This makes everything in the proper order, however, not all printers sport such feature.

If you have an inkjet printer that doesn't come with a reverse print feature, worry not because there are programs that will allow you to print in reverse order like Microsoft Word. To enable this feature on Word, just click on the Advanced Tab and go down to the print section where you’ll see the Print Pages in the Reverse Order box.

Avoid installing Bloatware

If you’re using an old version of Windows, there are things you should keep in mind in terms of bloatware. Some printers in Malaysia are bundled with many software that you don’t need. Some may contain a utility tool that lets you receive driver updates, while others have a graphics program that you don’t necessarily use. To minimize bloatware, search for a Custom option when you set up your next printer. Avoid selecting the Recommended option where you need to install the bloatware. If you want to skip the disc installation, just search and download a minimal installation file from the manufacturer’s website.

Monochrome printouts should be black-only

There are instances where users are trying to print monochrome documents and end up getting an error message saying the printer won’t work because it’s out of other ink colors. If this happens to you, just check the driver.

In case you didn’t know, not all printer drivers have a setting to print using black only or other similar options to override the machine’s refusal to print. If your printer doesn’t come with a black-only option, then make sure you have some ink cartridges on hand.

Enhance print out quality with the proper paper setting

A driver that is not set for the right type of paper is one of the most typical reasons why there is poor quality with inkjet printers. Keep in mind that different types of paper need different amounts of ink and different proportions of ink colors to come up with the right final colors. Once you select the paper type, the printer will command the driver what color tables to use. If you’re not getting the best results, do not give up until you’ve set up the driver manually for the paper you’re using.

Use the right paper

Aside from the printer, paper quality determines the quality of your printouts. Using the right paper can make a huge difference in how your printout looks. So, choose a whiter, brighter paper that can make texts and line graphics look crisper and appear more vibrant. Meanwhile, for inkjet printers, the paper quality is also an important factor that determines how much of the ink gets into the paper. With that, you will be able to see whether the ink bleeds in the outside area or stays in the spot. So if you want impressive printouts, avoid using cheap copy paper and invest in quality ones.