Breeze detergents are one of the best choice brands in Southeast Asia for all of their laundry cleaning needs. A full range of different types of detergents caters to the various types of clothing fabrics and materials that we wear daily, keeping our clothing all fresh and clean for use again.

Breeze Housekeeping Supplies

Breeze Malaysia – Keeping You and Your Loved Ones Clean

Importance of Detergents

The rise of technology and mass media has made us all more aware of the various risks and dangers we can come across when it comes to hygiene. Our own personal body hygiene matters a lot, but that is not the only way to keep ourselves protected from all sorts of unwanted elements. The clothing we wear, the floor which we walk on, the bed that we sleep in – these all matter too when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness.

History of Breeze

Breeze is actually the brand name of a line of cleansing agents released by the Lever brothers. The brand was first introduced in 1947 in the United States. The very first advertisement for the brand was released in over ten different newspapers that covered various markets.

The Lever Brothers was a British manufacturing company that was founded by a pair of brothers, William Hesketh Lever and James Darcy Lever. They are famous and well known for their success in the investing and promoting of several detergents and cleaning product brands worldwide. Their knack for soap began when the brothers bought a small soap workshop, which they then teamed up with a chemist to create a new soap – their investment was a major success, needless to say.

The Lever Brothers merged with a Dutch company in 1930 to form the current Unilever, operating as a single company but with different shares. The current Unilever company is a large corporation that owns a large line of products including food, beverages, personal hygiene products, and cleaning products such as Breeze.

The Full Range of Breeze Malaysia

We wear all sorts of different clothing made of various materials today (nylon, pure cotton, synthetic cotton), and we are also exposed to many different kinds of matters and elements too. Bacteria and dirt are easily found everywhere, especially with the rising pollution worldwide. It is because of such elements in our environments that it is required by us to clean out our clothing with the proper cleaning detergent and soap.

Breeze's washing detergents come in two forms: a liquid form and a powdered form, and they currently have seven different products altogether.

Breeze detergents (Liquid and Powder)

  • Breeze Fragrance of Comfort: This cleaner enables you to easily remove all of the stubborn and tough stains on clothing and at the same time also leave a great comforting fragrance to the cloth which lasts all day.
  • Breeze Power Clean: This power cleaner practically blasts through all of the most stubborn and tough stains on your white clothing – leaving no stains! Your white clothing will always stay a vibrant white from now on.
  • Breeze Color Care: The Color Care detergent ensures that all of your coloured clothing retains its strong and vibrant colour even through several different washes, let your worries fade away. Your clothing colours will remain strong and vibrant even after 30 washes.
  • Breeze Goodbye Musty: Tropical and humid countries all face the musty smell that emanates from the clothing after drying them indoors. The Breeze Goodbye Musty solves that problem and contains a special formulation that leaves indoor-dried clothing fresh and free from musty smells – truly Goodbye to Musty.

Between Liquidated and Powdered detergents – what are the advantages and disadvantages? The choice is ultimately dependent on personal preferences, but here are some pointers:

Liquid Detergents

Liquid detergents are usually diluted detergents that are sold premixed with water in plastic containers, we usually measure the cups and then pour them into our washing machines. They are also more effective on grease and food stains. Liquid detergents are also more suitable for spot cleaning as you can concentrate a certain amount on a specific stain; it can also double as a pretreatment before putting the clothing into the washing machine.

Powder Detergents

Powder detergents are usually sold in tough cardboard boxes that are compact and easy to store; with a longer shelf life as well. Because powder detergents are undissolved, we are typically purchasing more for less space. The amount we put in a washing machine can be even more specific. It is very effective for thorough cleaning of everyday stains and removing fabric-stuck dirt. The excessive detergent powder can cause build-up on clothing and in the machine where it may have not been able to be washed away.

Some people prefer liquid detergents and some prefer powder detergents – some even use both: Pretreating stains with a liquid detergent beforehand, then washing it in a washing machine with powder detergent. Whichever we prefer, however, Breeze detergent always provides an efficient and thorough cleaning solution for all our laundry needs.

Breeze on the environment

Besides producing many powerful and efficient detergents for our laundry cleaning, Breeze also plays a very strong part in the role of nurturing families and taking care of the environment.

Uniquely, Breeze encourages our children and kids to go out and play in the dirt. They have a firm stand in the ground that dirt is good for children because of the experience they will acquire when playing in the outdoors. It is their strong belief that children learn not only from teaching but through hands-on experience and self-discovery. Put our minds at ease and let our children play in the outdoors, because in the end that laundry burden will be eased with Breeze's cleaning detergents.

Breeze also encourages everyone to be wary of water usage to not waste water and energy during the washing of laundry. We can save water by having shorter and quick washes, Breeze's detergents will still clean our clothing well despite a short wash cycle of only 30 minutes.

If we want to clean our laundry well, do it right with the efficiency and cleanliness of Breeze's cleaning detergent range.

Breeze Frequently Asked Questions

Which Breeze detergent is the best?

If you’re wondering if you should use concentrated liquid detergent or powder detergent, there’s no right answer for this. Both types of laundry detergent are capable of washing your clothes, whether you hand wash or machine-wash. However, powder Breeze detergent is more environmentally friendly and has a longer shelf life compared to its liquid counterpart.

Breeze has powder detergents that are environmentally friendly and can last longer. Choose either Breeze Power Clean, Breeze With Fragrance of Comfort, Breeze Goodbye Musty, or Breeze Colour Care.

What are the ingredients of Breeze detergent?

Just like many laundry detergents, Breeze detergents contain surfactants that allow the washing solution to penetrate deeper into your clothes by reducing surface tension. The active ingredients in Breeze laundry detergent are enzymes, brighteners, and perfumes. Enzymes help break down stains and not all enzymes are able to eliminate all types of stains. For instance, amylases work great on chocolates, pasta, noodles, and other starchy stains while proteases can eliminate protein-based stains like eggs, dairy, or blood.

After the enzymes get to work with the stain, it is often the case that clothes become less vibrant after a lot of washes. This is why Breeze has included brighteners and whiteners to retain and return the vibrancy of your clothes. Last but not least, perfume is the last active ingredient that brings it all together. Many people enjoy the smell of freshly washed cotton or linen and this is achieved through Breeze’s innovative melamine perfume. Not only does it freshen up your laundry, but it also leaves behind a pleasant smell.

Can I make slime with Breeze laundry detergent?

You can make your own slime with Breeze laundry detergent. In order to do so, you need white glue, water, and your Breeze concentrated liquid detergent. Mix an equal amount of glue and water, along with additional decorations like glitter, colouring, etc. Once it’s mixed, add your liquid detergent and knead the mixture until your slime is firm enough.