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Braun Price in Malaysia for December, 2018

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Get the best Braun products from Braun Malaysia. Shop online and browse the selection of awesome Braun watches and other products available at unbeatable prices. To find out more, check out Braun Malaysia here.

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Braun Forehead Thermometer NTF 3000
RM 380.30

Braun Forehead Thermometer NTF 3000 The Braun Forehead Thermometer NTF 3000 is the first contact thermometer that works even without touching the forehead. This practical thermometer measures the temperature of your little one in an easy, stress-free and very accurate way. Its 2 modes – contact mode or non-contact mode – help you get accurate results without making your little one shed a tear. Due to a highly sensitive sensor and an optical system the thermometer gathers twice the heat radiation. The sensor as well as a ray of light confirm correct use. The non-contact measurement mode is the perfect solution, especially when your little one is asleep. Simply hold the Braun Forehead Thermometer approx. 5 cm away from the forehead. Your sleeping child won’t even notice the measuring. The display’s colour coding as well as different sound signals help new parents get accurate results in order to act fast. Due to the different colours on the display (green – normal, yellow – elevated temperature, red – fever alarm) you will know immediately whether your little one is fine or has a temperature. The display is illuminated which helps you read the temperature in the dark. Details: * Suitable right from birth * 2 modes: non-contact measurement mode when baby is asleep, contact mode for individual measurement * Highly sensitive sensor and optical system for the right distance, positioning technology * Colour coded “Fever-InSight” Display: green – normal, yellow – elevated temperature, red – fever alarm * Illuminated display * Silent mode, doesn’t wake up sleeping children * Fast, gentle and easy to use * Clinically tested and proven

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Braun Ear Thermometer ThermoScan® 5
RM 356.30

Braun Ear Thermometer ThermoScan® 5 Convince yourself by Braun’s most accurate ear thermometer – the ThermoScan® 5! Doctors' surgeries and mothers around the world are already absolutely delighted by this convenient helper! The ear of your little patient is a particularly appropriate spot for measuring the temperature, since the measurement is more accurate than in the rectal area or on the forehead. The ThermoScan® 5 measures the infrared radiation emitted by the eardrum and surrounding tissues in your child's ear because the eardrum and the temperature control centre in the brain are supplied by the same blood vessels. This way, temperature changes in the ear are displayed faster and more accurate than in other parts of the body. The special feature of the ThermoScan® 5: Unlike many other thermometers, the Braun ThermoScan® 5 features a pre- warmed tip! That way, the cooling effect which is normally caused by inserting a cold measuring tip is minimised – perfect for a more accurate measurement result. The smart positioning system confirms a stable position as well as an accurate measurement result within seconds by making light and sound signals. The result of the last measurement is memorised which helps you to identify changes much better. The disposable protective caps included in delivery can be removed from the device in a quick and easy way. The Braun Ear Thermometer ThermoScan® 5 operates on batteries (2 x 1.5V (Aa, Lr6)) which are included in delivery. Details: * Age suitability: from birth and up * More accurate measurement results due to unique pre-warmed tip * ExacTemp Technology: Positioning system confirms the stable position and the accurate measurement result * Reliable measurement within seconds * Illuminated display * Acoustic signal * Ergonomic design * Operator/ control panel on upper side; with large illuminated display * Separate ON/ OFF button * Direct access to functions due to additional operating button * Separate button for temperature measurement * Memory function shows last measurement result * Automatic switch-off after 60 sec * Easy ejection of the disposable protective caps * Incl. 21 disposable protective caps, 2 alkaline batteries (1,5 V (Aa, Lr6)) and protective cap

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Top Braun Price List 2018

Top 10 products Price Store
Braun Satin Hair 3 RM 169.00 Lazada
Braun Multiquick 3 RM 202.20 Qoo10
Braun Silk-épil 5 5280 RM 333.00 Qoo10
Braun Silk-épil 5 5-541 RM 346.00 Qoo10
Braun 7865cc Series 7 RM 752.50 Qoo10
Braun MQ 100 Hand Blender RM 198.00 Lazada
Braun TS755 Iron Steam RM 732.60 Lazada
Braun MQ 5035 WH RM 379.00 Lazada
Braun JB 5160 WH RM 821.10 Qoo10
Braun Silk-épil FG 1100 RM 86.10 Shopee
Most Popular
Braun Satin Hair 3

Cheapest at Lazada RM 219.00 RM 169.00 Go to Shop

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Braun Series

Braun Malaysia

When it comes to precision in shaving equipment and grooming tools, the elite in this category is none other than Braun. Shavers have helped men and women all over the world get the look and feel that they want. Bringing people closer together, Braun has set the standard for shaving tools. Did you know that Braun also produces watches and fine quality timepieces sold all over the world? Now with Braun Malaysia, you too can enjoy this very same Braun technology. Browse the selection of Braun Malaysia products or you could get more information by following the links below.

Braun technology history

If you’ve got a keen eye, you’ll notice the similarity between Braun and another company that’s big on shavers and men’s grooming tools – Gillette. This is true because Braun used to be a subsidiary of Gillette until 2005. Braun’s legacy started with Max Braun, the German founder of the company. Experimenting with plastics and moving on to abandoned products during in world war times in 1940’s, Braun brought his company up. In the 1950’s Braun’s S50 was the most popular electric shaver in the market. Gillette bought over the company in the late 1960’s and later Procter & Gamble (P&G) bought over Gillette. Braun’s reputation as a company has grown great extents over the years. Known to be one of the best brands out there for electronics and home appliances, you will definitely want to take a second look at Braun Malaysia’s range of products listed here.

The huge repertoire that is Braun’s products

Braun specializes in thousands of electronics, in particular, men’s grooming, women’s grooming, fashion and luxury watches, and kitchen and household appliances. Here are some of the best in Braun technology you can get your hands on today:

  • Braun Shavers & trimmers for men
  • Silk-épil epilators & bikini stylers for women
  • Oral-B toothbrushes (infused with Braun technology)
  • Braun watches
  • Steam irons
  • Hand blenders
  • Food processors

Let’s take a closer look at special Braun products for everyone.

German quality time technology with Braun Watches

One of the most sought-after brand of watches by watch enthusiasts is the Braun watch collection. Braun’s watch collections are made both for men and women. You can find Braun watches for men here or else, look for Braun watches for women. The beauty of Braun watches is that they come in a variety of shapes and styles. Braun watch collections are categorized into Digital watches, Sport watches, Classic watches and New collections. The most recent of the Braun watch family is the smart watch collection. Comparable to the Apple iWatch and Samsung gear, this awesome timepiece is worth every penny. Sleek, futuristic and appealing to all your senses, the Braun smartwatch is what the future is supposed to be. Let’s look at some of the collections of Braun watches and some of which you could get:

Digital collection

  • Braun BN0046
  • Braun BN0076

Classic collection

  • Braun BN0021 range
  • Braun BN0021 ladies range
  • Braun BN0031 ladies range
  • Braun BN0032 steel range

Digital collection

  • Braun BN0046 range
  • Braun BN0076 range

Sport watches

  • Braun BN0111 sports range
  • Braun BN0115 sports range
  • Braun BN0111 range

If you’re just looking to browse Braun watches, skip the hassle and go straight to Braun watches page to check out our products available for you to grab today.

Stylish grooming for men with Braun Malaysia

You are the epitome of cool if you use Braun shavers. Sleek and elegant styling with cutting-edge technology, Braun shavers give you a close shave while keeping your skin tight and younger looking. The different series in this category add to the variety a user can have when choosing a shaver. Forget about disposable blades, you’re rolling with the big boys now. Here are some series of shavers you could look at:

  • Series 1 to 9 shavers
  • WaterFlex Wet & Dry shavers
  • CoolTec shavers
  • OldSpice shavers
  • CruZer shavers and trimmers

Braun sexy technology for women

Equally sexy is the collection of women’s grooming technology from Braun. For those ladies who don’t like to go au naturel and love the smooth shiny look, Braun’s line of epilators will give you the ultimate hairless sensation. Epilators remove hair from the root to give you a smoother feel. Ouch! Actually, the pain is minimal but the look is lasting. Braun Silk-épil epilators flaunt state of the art technology in hair removal. Check out these epilators under Braun hair removal for women.

Jessica Alba as ambassador of Braun

Jessica Alba has always been the object of beauty and the height of femininity. It’s no wonder then that Braun has chosen her to be the face of the Braun Break Free campaign. The Break Free campaign started with advertisements to encourage women to embrace their inner beauty and outer appearance. Featuring products like epilators, Braun marketed this revolutionary concept with the help of Jessica Alba. The Hollywood award-winning actress shows her confidence using Braun women’s products to empower women all over the world. With her professional styling tips and beauty advice, Alba has given women a role model to look to when it comes to beauty.