Have you always admired the deep Parisian beauty that is incomparable to anything in this world? Bourjois brings that same beauty to you with their magical range of skincare and cosmetics. Find out more about the brand here.

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Bourjois Malaysia: Beauty with a French accent

Bourjois is the quintessential Parisian brand, nothing that symbolise the French beauty scene better than this brand. Created under the stars of the Theatre and the Performing Arts, Bourjois is the lead behind many special and famous French cosmetics like the classic and adorable Little Round Pots of blush, mascaras, powders and even sexy, red lipsticks.

It all started back in the year 1863, on the boulevards of Paris, in the theatre district. Actor, Joseph Albert Ponsin, created makeup and perfumes for the actors and actresses in his own department, wanting them to stand out. But little did he know that the cosmetics that he created back then would collect such a great cult following among many fashionistas and make-up enthusiasts all around the world today.

Burjois Malaysia: Bringing Parisian Beauty to you

Bourjois is the brand that knows what a woman really want in her makeup collection. They continue to invent, design creative yet feminine products that simplifies beauty for everyone. Their aim is to make the Parisian style a worldwide phenomenon by making it accessible to every woman, providing them with daring looks that are beautiful and elegant.

Now, you can fully express your inner style and creativity with Bourjois’ range of products like the:

  • Little Round Pot Blush
  • Rouge Edition Lipstick
  • Healthy Mix Foundation
  • Volume Glamour Max Mascara
  • City Radiance Foundation

Unleash your inner Parisian style today with Bourjois.