Founded by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart in the year 1886, Bosch is a German multinational engineering and technology company headquartered in Gerlingen. Bosch's main operating areas are spread across four business sectors which are mobility, consumer goods that include household appliances and power tools such as Bosch drill, industrial technology (including drive and control), and energy and building technology. Over the years, Bosch has made it easy for consumers to set up home appliances with their tools. Check out Bosch power drills below to learn more about the hardware brand.

Is Bosch better than DeWalt? | What are the best drills on the market?


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Bosch GSB 16 RE

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About Bosch Drills

Bosch Company has released a multitude of hardware products for its consumers from power tools to pressure cleaners and tools accessories. Among all the products Bosch offered, the best-selling products from the company are the power tools. There are many different types of Bosch drills that are used for different purposes. Bosch has Corded Drills, Impact Drills, Rotary Drills, and Cordless Drills. Here are the different types of Bosch power drills released by them:

  • Corded drills: 1006VSR Model
  • Impact Drills: GSB 10 RE Model and GSB 16 RE Model
  • Rotary Drills: GBM 10 RE Model and GBM 13 HRE Model
  • Cordless Drills: GSR 12 V-30 and GSR 12 V-15FC

About the Bosch Group

The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. The Bosch Group comprises Robert Bosch GmbH and its more than 350 subsidiaries and regional companies in more than 60 countries. This worldwide development, manufacturing, and sales network is the foundation for further growth. With all its products and services, Bosch enhances the quality of life by providing solutions that are both innovative and beneficial. Today, most of the products are made in countries like Malaysia, Mexico, Taiwan, and China but there are still some products manufactured in Europe; specifically Germany and Switzerland.

Are Bosch drills any good?

Yes, depending on the type of drills, Bosch does have good power drills. The 18V Compact Hammer Drill is a good drill due to its features. The drill comes with a brushless motor, an all-metal keyless chuck, and an extended belt hook. The precision clutch of the drill also has 20+1 settings which can help for better driving accuracy and reduced fastener damage. Lastly, an LED light also comes with the drill to keep your workspace visible in dark surroundings.

Is Bosch better than DeWalt?

Talking about the best tool kits, both Bosch and DeWalt are surely not to be missed. Over the years, both of these brands had offer hardware tools and accessories tools to professional such as wood-workers, home-builders, and even DIY-ers. To compare these two brands, in terms of quality, the Bosch power kit usually comes with a hammer drill, a reciprocating saw, a circular saw, a flashlight, two 18 volt batteries, one charger, and a carrying case.

Bosch’s hammer drill includes something they refer to as “active response technology.” What this means is if the drill gets hung up or bound while in use, it will automatically stop. If someone uses this tool regularly, this could be really important for preventing injury. Thus, this makes Bosch’s hammer drill also slightly better than its DeWalt counterpart.Overall, both brands offer a good selection of corded tools and include many accessories for all their tools. Hence, if you are a professional, getting either DeWalt or Bosch would not make a big difference as it still helps you to drill well whether it is wood, plastic, metal, or even walls.

Bosch best-selling products in Malaysia

Bosch Malaysia offers a wide range of hardware products and household appliances, but, among all of their products, the best-selling products from the company are:

  • Bosch Impact Drill GSB 16 RE
  • Bosch High-Pressure Cleaner AQUATAK 125
  • Bosch High-Pressure Cleaner AQUATAK 110
  • Bosch Thermo Detector GIS 500
  • Bosch Range Finder GLM 30

What are the best drills on the market?

Many other companies do manufacture power tools and drills. If you are looking for drills that can be used in your everyday lives, here is a list of the best drills on the market:

  • RYOBI 18V RID1801M ONE+