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Household tools and power tools are every man’s best friend when it comes to household repairs. Bosch power tools could make simple to complex home and plumbing chores be done with ease and comfort. Bosch products are designed with bodies that could easily fit with one hand, and provide the best precision with its top notch engineering. Their products are sure fire products that will do the job in every bit, no matter how tough of a fix it may be. Aside from that, their tools is sure to last a lifetime.

Bosch tools are famous for its efficiency and durability, which are perfect for all types of home or office use. Using their tools will make users feel like a pro even though they’re not.

Power Tools

Their famous power tools are the Bosch Impact Drill, Bosch Cordless Impact Driver and Boss Angle Driver. These heavy duty tools are easy to use and is designed to provide protection to ensure the safety of its users.

Home Appliances

Among the most famous products of Bosch in this category are the following: Bosch Hand Mixer, Bosch Compact Toaster, and Bosch Steam Iron. These simple small appliances from Bosch are designed to last long and do its job satisfyingly.

Automotive Components

Their most popular products for this category are Fanfare Horn, Bosch Horn Compact Plus, FC Horn, and Supertone Horn. Apparently, one of the standout products of Bosch in the automotive accessories are horn, due to its advanced technology, high quality material and stand out design, all of which contributes to its superb performance and durability.

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Time and time again, men’s masculinity is shown by his ability to use power tools. Women often fantasize about sweat-dripping, shirtless muscle men firing up a power drill or Jack Hammer to fix some non-existent household problem. Whether you’re a man or a woman, one power tool company has a wide selection of machines to cater to both your fantasy and reality needs. From appearing in seductive music videos to powering up electrical hybrid cars, Bosch has built its name over the past century, becoming a personal favourite brand the world over.

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Sexily popular

In the early 2000s, a seductively popular music video aired on television and online media. The hit song “Satisfaction” by Italian DJ Benny Benassi featured scantily clad, supermodel-like women working on a construction site using power tools while swaying to an addictive, Electro-House music beat. At first look, the women in the video will grab any man’s attention, but a few moments in, the main focus is the power tools. The first tool played with is the very obvious Bosch Green PSR-18-VE-1BAT 18 Volt Cordless Combi Drill. It is said that here are two things a man loves; women and his toys. Out of all the toys a man can have, power tools are most likely his favourite. As Satisfaction’s video has proven, one of the most popular power tool brands in the market is Bosch.

Not only power tools shape Bosch’s portfolio of innovations, but more recently, Bosch has been working on a project with the world’s electric car giant, Tesla, to develop a hybrid car power supply system. The word is, Bosch is developing a low-cost, 48-volt "boost recuperation" hybrid system that uses a smaller lithium ion battery to power the futuristic hybrid car. Said to be cheaper and more economical to manufacture, Bosch’s new technology will revolutionise the world of automobiles for generations to come.

The past

Before the high-tech gadgetry, Bosch’s beginnings were started by a man named Robert Bosch GmbH in 1886 in Stuttgart, Germany. Starting the company with the “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering”, Bosch built the foundations for this global mammoth of a company. The first major invention Bosch and his assistant thought up was the magneto ignition device for automobiles that allowed the ignition to run at a low voltage even at high speeds. Bosch proceeded to develop spark plugs for automobiles in 1902 and marketed his finished product to Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft. In early 1921, Bosch and Max Eisenmann & Co, a Hamburg company, collaborated to create the first Bosch Service operation. The Bosch Car Services’ purpose would be to install and carry out repairs on Bosch lighting systems in Hamburg. Bosch Car Services are operational until this day.

History continued to be made as Bosch unveiled the Bosch Refrigerator at the Leipzig spring trade fair in 1933. The contraption was a rounded, drum-looking shaped cooling unit that sold for a reasonable price. Even after the death of Robert Bosch, the company continued to create advancements in everyday technology. In 1951, Bosch’s gasoline injection technology was presented in a two-stroke Gutbrod Superior 600 at the Frankfurt auto show.

Other awesome breakthroughs as a result of Bosch technology are:

  • Hammer drill, the first electric drill that could strike and rotate at the same time
  • Jetronic, a pressure-controlled, electronic gasoline injection system
  • ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) in passenger cars
  • TCS traction control system in 1987 also for cars
  • ESP® electronic stability program in 1995
  • TravelPilot IDS, an electronic map to guide drivers from one destination to the next
  • High pressure diesel injection system (Common Rail)
  • DI Motronic gasoline direct injection system that featured in the Mercedes 300 SL in the year 2000
  • Hybrid technology that premiered in Volkswagen Touareg and Porsche Cayenne S models that consist of a fully-electric powered engine motor
  • Bosch eBike System
  • Motorcycle stability control

Although most of Bosch’s ground-breaking inventions and advancements are in the automotive industry, it is particularly known for having a reputation in the DIY category.

Nowadays, Bosch tools are a common household item. Everyone dreams of having one. Women fantasize about shirtless men working a Bosch GBH845DV Rotary Hammer Drill with muscles rippling, fixing up their house. Men dream about the Bosch Aquatak33-10 High Pressure Cleaner, the powerful multipurpose spray to clean the yard or wash the car. Whether you’re a man or woman, Bosch has a tool or machine that will excite you. A variety of electrical items such as water kettles, washing machines, and lawn mowers are in Bosch’s collection of durable, powerful and easy to use machinery. There is even a Bosch line of watches for men.

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