Inspired by the latest Italian designs, get the best leather goods from Bonia in Malaysia. Read more on caring for your Bonia products below.


Caring for Bonia Leather Goods

As most of Bonia’s products such as their bags, wallet, shoes, etc. are made of genuine leather, it needs to be maintained with the right techniques. The reason is that, leather is a material that is naturally durable. The most basic methods to preserve your leather is to ensure that it remains well conditioned and at the same time, preventing buildup from dirt, salt or water. To keep the leather fibers looking healthy and new, you would need to invest in a good-quality leather cream. This is because; it is designed to be readily absorbed as well as nourishes and restores the flexibility in the leather fibers.

Leather cream

It is recommended to make use of a delicate leather cream so that your Bonia product is able to remain useful after prolonged usage. Everything will usually gather dirt and grime over time which is particularly true for leather items due to the structure of the material. Nevertheless, through the use of a delicate leather cream, you can easily banish dirt and stains.

How to use leather cream?

First and foremost, keep the product free from excess dirt and debris before applying the leather cream. Simply utilize a damp cloth and wipe thoroughly. After that, take a clean cloth and scoop a dollop of leather cream onto it. You can then gently work the formula into the leather with small circular motions. The cream would only take on effect after half an hour, so be patient with the process and be gentle when you rub it into the leather. To give your leather product a shine, you can give it a good polish with a cloth or brush. It also helps to remove any excess shoe cream from the leather. Once the surface is completed dry, you can store or use it. Depending on how often you use your leather product you should condition it every once a week.

Leather moisturizer

Another technique that should be incorporated into your leather care is to pamper and protect it with a leather moisturizer. This will help prevent it from drying and cracking. It also ensures that your leather stays supple and waterproof. If you wish to have an added layer of protection, it is ideal to make use of a good water repellent.

How to use leather moisturizer?

Similar to the leather cream, use a clean cloth and scoop a pea-sized amount of leather moisturizer. Keep in mind not to directly apply the moisturizer onto any leather goods. With a light coating, gently rub the moisturizer into the leather using small circular motions. Always use a clean spot on the cloth for each dollop of moisturizer. Allow the leather to dry for around 10 to 20 minutes until it is fully absorbed.

Caring for patent leather

Patent leather has either a smooth or embossed texture and should be cared differently than an ordinary calfskin shoe. Nonetheless, it is rather easy to care for it. Because of the crumpled appearance of a patent leather, it is advisable to use a cleaning cloth instead. On the other hand, to retain the elasticity of the patent leather material, it is only sensible to use a gentle foaming product for cleaning. There are other liquid products or sprays made specifically for this purpose.

Cleaning directions for patent leather:

  1. Wipe away any grime that has accumulated onto the patent leather with a damp cloth.
  2. Ensure that you use products that are only specially formulated for patent leather. Slather on a thick layer onto your leather goods and leave it to dry.
  3. Finally, buff it with a polishing cloth to achieve a high shine.

Caring for nubuck and suede

Nubuck and suede leather are very similar due to the fact that one is sanded on the exterior layer of the animal skin while the other is sanded on the interior layer of the skin respectively. This type of leather needs to be taken extra care off as it is very permeable and will wet immediately. Once it gets wet, it is needed to be dried as soon as possible. It also needs to be brushed after every cleaning process. Do invest in a fine suede or nubuck brush when you handle both of these leathers. Here are the directions for caring for your nubuck and suede:

  1. Always start by cleaning the surface with a soft cloth to remove any dirt or stains. This also ensures that the soft and fuzzy texture is restored.
  2. Make use of a suede eraser to help remove any noticeable scuff marks.
  3. After erasing, use your suede or nubuck brush to brush on the material. To prevent the material from tearing, you should always brush towards the fabric’s grain.
  4. Finish the cleaning process by using a leather protecting spray which will help protect it from any further staining.

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